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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why are you giving a 100% every single day..

People constantly ask me one question that is totally driving me nuts! They always ask why I am working out so hard in swimming practice if I am not gonna become an Olympic or a World champion?!. Well I am sick of people with limited views about life. Why should you become an Olympic champion to give everything you’ve got? Can’t you just be driven from the desire to see how far you can go and be the best you can? I think that everybody should give a 100% all the time and get the best things he possibly could. For example for the 80year old lady with the walking stick, climbing the stairs to the second floor might be an incredible achievement, but would that be an achievement to you? NO,but that does not mean that you should underestimate her efforts and every time you see her you ask her “Why are you wasting your time climbing the stairs, if you are not going to the last floor…?”
Besides, you never know how things are gonna go in life, today you might look like a midjet to the world and tomorrow you might become the bumble bee… You never know what you can be if you don’t try hard enough.. You know that mind controls the body,and mind is UNLIMITED! So…that means your abilities to achieve what you want are UNLIMITED!

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