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Friday, January 29, 2010

A week that changed my life...

I haven't written in a couple days, but I have been pretty busy with practices and the course for personal trainer. So this week has been a turning point in my life! I am so happy I can not even put my happiness in words... Maybe you remember my previous post and how I finally dared to try and swim butterfly... yes...but I think I missed to mention that on Saturday I swam with flippers. So I thought that was gonna be as far as I could go...swim butterfly with flippers but it was still something that made me extremely happy...well the other day I swam butterfly WITHOUT flippers!! And it was just WONDERFUL... I just can not explain the feeling... I was pretty scared to try but my coach said "Go ahead" ...and I just listened to her and went ahead... and when I actually swam without the flippers I was swimming and smiling with the widest smile you have ever seen :) ... my coach said she never saw somebody swim and smile as wide as I did lol ... but for me swimming butterfly is something similar to a person that was told he was never gonna be able to walk again...and then suddenly out of nowhere he decides to try and guess what...he IS able to walk... that is how I am feeling now... I am feeling like a little kid that made his first shot in a basketball game or something like that.... but it is still an amazing feeling... :)

Other than the practices...the course is going so well so far... I am enjoying it so much! It is exactly what I want to do and what I have fun doing. I had a couple assignments this week to make up a couple workout plans and a couple diets for people with different goals...and I did pretty good, I am so excited :) There was also that girl in the gym that was doing flys, but she obviously was doing them wrong and my "teacher" told me to correct her and explain her how to do them... and I did that pretty good too :) not that it is that hard to explain somebody how to do flys... but for me it is something new and it is pretty exciting. On Monday is my exam and if I pass it good I will have my certificate for a personal trainer and then hopefully I will keep on learning and someday become the trainer I dream to be. :) You can't even imagine I already know how my own weightlifting gym is gonna look like, I have even made up the work schedule hahaha I have everything to the last detail...besides the gym itself...lol...but well in the future I hope I will have that one too.

So the summery of this week is that you never know how close you are to success when you are about to give up..so do not let the hard moments to let you down and make you give up on your dreams...just keep pushing until everything falls back to place.. because you know sometimes things should get to the bottom before they get back to where they should be...just be strong and hold on!

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