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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How taste buds change with healthy eating

Junk food versus healthy food

I was watching a Tv show about cooking. The chef is bulgarian but now lives in the USA. He was complaining how at the beginning of his cooking career in the USA,people complained of te taste of the food. He said that people overseas enjoy stronger flavors and more spicy food than in Bulgaria. It makes sense about every nation and different culture to enjoy different food flavors...and that got me thinking about something that has nothing to do with different national dishes and tastes...

Before I knew anything about nutrition, I used to fuel my body with tons of junk food, fried foods and the more it was bad for my body, the more I liked it and the more I ate it. Oh, I loved donuts! I could eat them all the time. Cakes, pancakes, croissants, sugar...you name it, I loved it!

Then I started searching through fitness forums, I got more interested in nutrition and started educating myself on the topic. One day I decided I was gonna give healthy eating a try. And it was a pain in the ass! I remember how I could hardly wait for my cheat day, to stuff myself with all the sugar I could. Healthy food was on my eating menu, just because I knew it was right for me. I did not like it that much. And vegetables...spinach, zucchini, broccoli...oh, even if you pointed a gun in my head, I'd still resist eating them.

Then as time went on, and I kept eating healthy, my cheat days started disappearing, i did no longer need eating sugar and I actually started enjoying healthy foods. Now green vegetables are my favorite. I do not think there is a vegetable out there that I do not love. I eat plenty of them everyday.

Since I started eating good foods n general, I have a heightened sense of taste. Now if I occasionally taste some candy, it tastes disgusting. It takes like pure sugar to me and it is way too sweet. I even wonder at times how I could eat so much of them in my past.Sugar now tastes overwhelmingly sweet, sometimes unpleasantly so.

Now I love the taste of fruit, and before fruits could stay in my house for days till they started getting rotten and I wa sforced to throw them away. Now blueberries, cherries, strawberries taste like desserts and I really enjoy them. Actually when I started eating healthy I wondered how the veterans in healthy eating, said they did not enjoy candies, and how they could resist them. I thought that was impossible to happen with me.
Come on! It is not such a hard choice!

But now I see it. I do not need to resist junk food, because it does not taste good anymore. It is not a temptation. Now the thought of a homemade steak and steamed broccoli makes me hungry and the thought of ice cream makes me sick.

Everything listed above shows how tastes buds can change depending on our food choices. And if you think I am just an exception, you are wrong! That happens with everybody that sticks with good food for long enough. If you just give it a try, and give yourself some time, you will find out how tasty healthy food can be. You will start enjoying natural flavors, and you will be disgusted by artificial sweeteners and sugar.


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