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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strong is the new skinny

As you may already know I am a sport and health freak! :) I spend endless hours reading about proper nutrition and working out. I've tried almost every nutrition plan there is out there( of course only those that actually involve, eating instead of relying on a sunny day and tons of water for a good photosynthesis;).

I've also tried a bunch of working out methods, I did a lot of sports-including team sports and individual once. So I have pretty good self experience with working out and nutrition, and I think I finally found the right and balanced way to eat, workout and live-and it is called Crossfit and Paleo diet!

When I tell somebody what Crossfit is all about, they seem pretty calm until the part involving weightlifting. When they hear about a women doing weightlifting they run away like the devil from the incense. I am tired of seeing women that starve themselves to death, waste endless hours on the treadmill, and actually even after the hard work and time they put in, they never reach to the point they are content with their health and appearance.

Most women chasing the celebrity body look, reach nowhere else but to the point where they are actually destroying their physics and their minds. I've seen a lot of girls close to me, suffering from body image issues that lead them to bulimia and anorexia, and I am not gonna lie it is heartbreaking to watch somebody waste their potential for the mere drive of perfection! Come on! We all know perfection is not attainable.
Beautiful women lifting heavy and eating healthy

Even though I am a woman, I am not gonna hide it...we are strange creatures! :) We are always looking to find the balance in life, and we actually always live an imbalanced life. I do not know what is the deal with this...is it that we tend to follow the tendencies and never get to adjust to the old one before a new one pops up. SO we spend our life swinging from one to the other, get confused and never stick to one long enough to actually succeed.

So let me get back on what I wanted to say... I encourage more women to stop being afraid of lifting weights! Don't worry! Getting bulky ain't that easy! Just the mere sight of weights won't make your biceps grow! Stop thinking about working out and dieting as a way to look hot and sexy but being sick on the inside. The first thing that nutrition aims at is to fuel your body, not torure it instead. And sport is the tool to make sure you will be active, healthy, toned, disciplined and motivated going through your life! And trust me the hot and sexy look will be a consecuence!

For those scared of weights I encourage you to get more educated on the theme and build your own opinion instead of repeating somebody's else. Just give a look at the blog Strong is the new skinny, and make sure you try out to fit in that "tendency" and stick for it for a lifetime!

Here are pics of my favorite crossfit athelete Lauren Plumey-and I think she looks awesome eventhough she lifts really heavy but still looks beautiful!

ANd one more....

And here is what the average girl looks like...in clothes she would look skinny and without them she will turns out to be skinny fat...

So I do not know if I was convincing enough but I think it is worth the try...and trust me you will love it! ;)


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Shakita said...

Thank you! Yes, I live in Bulgaria, and I will for sure take a look at your blog!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the last photo isn't of an avarage girl, but a supermodel almost litterally afte she had given birth. :-)

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