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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There isn't I CAN NOT, there is I DO NOT WANT!

Lately I have been feeling pretty tired even exhausted. Every time the practice starts I wonder how I am gonna finish it. Sometimes it is more like a torture than a pleasure but practicing is still something that I can't stop doing otherwise I am risking to leave a whole in my life for a while. Besides my shoulder injuries are constantly reminding me of themselves...like I am gonna forget them...and the past couple days the pain in my left shoulder is killing me. Yesterday at practice I had like half a mile to swim and I was gonna get finished with the practice when one of my teammates said to me "Why don't you just tell the coach your shoulder is hurting and get done with the practice?". I looked at her and said " I swam 2,5 miles so far and you think I am gonna quit the last half?" ... I am constantly struggling with some kind of discomfort in the pool either it is gonna be some pain or exhaustion and every time I feel like quitting or like I can't go any further I keep telling myself-" There isn't I CAN NOT,there is I DO NOT WANT" and keep pushing. I am always surprised how further you can go when you think you have reached you limits. Every time that horrible thought of quitting conquers my mind I think about what I've done so far and how much harder it was at the beginning and if I made it that far I can go further. It also helps to think about people like Josh Hamilton for example(I recommend you read his biography book-"Beyond belief") or Lance Armstrong. They are both one of my favorite athletes. When I feel some pains I always think how their pain was at least 10times bigger than mine and even this did not stop them pursuing the life they dreamed of. So next time you feel like quitting just push harder and go over the limitations!

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