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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Because of people like her miracles happen all year long...

Today is a beautiful day. I had a pretty good practice and the weather is great too. When you look outside and you see that sun shining there is nothing else left for your soul but to shine too. So today I wanna say thank you to one person that completely changed my life and gave me a chance nobody else did! That person is my swimming coach. Her name is Teodora Pantova. She is really an amazing and extraordinary person.
I remember the first time I met her. She came through the door with a big smile. She looked at me and said: " Oh you are a really tall one" and smiled. I told her I wanted to practice swimming. I was 19 years old, and everybody else said there was no way I could become a swimmer at that age and that it was a waste of time. So I thought that were gonna be exactly the words she would tell me... was I right? NO! She said "OK", no problem. I thought that she was just saying it and that I will start practicing there and she won't pay any attention to me and she won't care if I swam correctly...but I was lying myself again...she DID care...she always cares about every single person in the swimming pool even if he is the best swimmer in the pool or just somebody enjoying swimming. She always tries to help everybody reach their potential. And that is what I love. She is a person that "believes in fairy tales" and has a really strong faith that hard work and dedication will take you to the top.
She was the person that helped me stand up, when I fell pretty hard, I fell in a hole, and instead of trying to get back up I was just digging deeper...but after the day I met her she helped me get out of that hole and begin again. I do not think that she realizes how much she did for me but she truely saved my life and gave me a chance to start my life over, and see that there is much more to life than basketball and that when one dreams shatters another could take its place. Before I used to ask myself why did this happen to me. I thought it is bullshit when people say that every bad thing happens for a reason... but as time passes I figured out the true meaning of it...and believe me there is always a reason for everything that happens in life! If my life hasn't gone the way it did I would have never met these amazing people like my coach and some of my teammates, and they really make my life happy and worthwhile. Because of people like them miracles happen all year long not only on Christmas! So I wanna say THANK YOU for making my soul shine even on a cloudy day!

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