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Monday, January 25, 2010

Keep that fire burning...

It's been pretty cold these days, so yesterday I decided to spend the whole Sunday at home. I dedicated the Sunday to reading some inspirational stories about people that overcame some great adversities in their lives. And you know what....I was amazed by these people. I've read billions of stories like that and I always think that there isn't anything else that could possibly surprise me...but these people always find a way to touch my heart and make me think deeper about life.
So as I was reading the stories I thought about people that meet obstacles and decide it is easier to just give up on life...and tell you the truth I felt really sorry about them. I do not understand it, how could it be better to quit on life and just exist but not live then to give all you've got and fight with life. I constantly see people that are giving up on their dreams just because someone told them they don't have chance to succeed, people that isolate from the world because a tragedy happened to them and they don't have the strength to keep on living. But how could you let your dream go just because someone said you are incapable of achieving it? You know people will always say things that will hurt you, things you won't agree with... but see it is NOT an obligation for you to take their advice or their words for a final sentence! You have a head on your body and most important a heart in your body that should lead you! Not other people's opinion.
I read about these people that lost their legs, arms and so on....and they never even thought of quitting on life! They kept fighting and they achieved great things, I'd even say miraculous things! Maybe when something bad happens to us we shouldn't spend the rest of our lives asking "Why?", but we should make our weakness our strength and be an inspiration to others. Tell you the truth when I stopped playing basketball because of the injury, I thought life was over for me and that there wasn't anything worth living for...I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life just existing and never feel happiness again...but I was totally wrong! I used to spend my whole days reading stories about athletes that overcame injuries and still became the best, stories about people doing miraculous things just because they believed....believed in themselves! And I remember a person that told me... that is wrong, you can't find the motivation from the outside it should be inside you...but I disagree with this. Yea surely you can't get motivated if you don't have an inner motivation but sometimes in life everybody gets to the point when you need that sparkle from the outside that is gonna light the match and set you heart on fire. And I think that is what I was looking for... and I think I found it! And I do not want those cold days in my heart back again so I am making sure I keep the fire burning in my heart! So whatever comes to you in life... do not give in... find the sparkle and keep the fire burning!

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