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Friday, January 22, 2010

The desire to quit is like a food craving...

Today I had a hard practice again. And it was not that the practice itself was so extremely hard, it was the fact that I keep torturing myself. I know everybody has ups and downs, and that you have to fail many times in order to achieve what you want but sometimes I just flow with the stream and kind of feel like I do not have the strength to swim against the stream... Today it was again my breaststroke that was torturing me, and I realize that the main reason all this is happening is because I am really tired and in order to compensate for my strength I change the technique. The first two kilometers of the practice were unbearable. It was not my body...it was my soul crying. I felt really really down. I was feeling an unbearable feeling to just quit and leave everything behind... but in the same time I was trying so freaking hard to beat that feeling and not let the desperation to conquer me... I fought with this feeling for half of the practice, and then suddenly it was gone... So I am thinking you know when you have a food craving and you are trying really hard to not give in to it, and it is torturing you but in like 10 or 15minutes it is gone...today I realized that it is kind of the same with the desire to give up, the desire to quit...if you fight with it and do not let it to get too deep into you it will be gone soon... So when you feel really down like me, do not give in to the temptation to quit!Fight it! And finally you will win over it and you will feel much stronger!!!

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