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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Talking about it ain't taking you there

Every morning I get up at 5a.m. Some days even before 5 o'clock. I go to the pool around 6a.m. and it is still locked. But that does not bother me at all. I take the bands and the skipping rope with me; tie the bands for the bench that is placed in front of the pool,stretch a little bit and start working out. The other morning the janitor came a little earlier to work and as she was coming towards me, she stopped and started staring at me. She stayed like that for about 3-4minutes and just stared...tell you the truth I felt like a criminal. Then she came to me and said: "Oh, I was sure it is you, nobody else would come to practice alone that early!". The mornings before that- as there are people going to work early, or coming back from the night club- there were some other people that stopped like the janitor and stared at me. Is it that strange to get up in the morning and do what you love in order to get what you dream of? Well, OBVIOUSLY!

Most of my friends are constantly joking with me about practicing so much and never skipping a single practice. For example on Thursday I can't go to the second practice because I am busy with college. And one of my teammates was joking that if she happened to be out of college for some reason she would just go to the cafe or hang out with friends but see "if it was you, you would come straight to the pool"(that is what she told me, and she found it pretty funny).

When I was 16 years old I used to play basketball in the United States. I was so keen on basketball, it was an obsession. I woke at 4a.m. every single morning, walked 3miles -with my big bag and all schoolbooks –to the basketball gym. The coach was amazed, she thought I was gonna do it once or twice and give up but I kept doing it every single day and finally she decided to wake up and come with me in the mornings before school. One morning I was doing speed drills over the cones and a boy walked in the gym and started a rumor that I was punished for something and that is why the coach MADE me go so early.

So as you see, one time they stare at you like you committed a crime, next time they just make up a story how you screwed things up and you were punished… There are so many stories like that I could tell you but let just stop here….

I am really amazed how people "want" to get something so much, and they never put in the work they are supposed to. There are so many examples with my friends (in different sports), that have talent, that are kind of good at the sport and always talk about their big dreams and what they want to achieve...they could spend years talking about this with that daydreaming look... but in real life talking about what you want, ain't taking you there... and the sooner you understand it the better for you. So next time you see somebody busting their ass at 6a.m. or 12p.m. or whenever instead of trying to make up a story what he screwed up, just follow their example and put the same work into something you want to achieve…

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