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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The positive thinking and Ivet Lalova

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”Strong words,aren't they? Have you heard about people reaching beyond the limits of common belief? People that look the same as others, but inside having something that differs them from the crowd! People that have a sparkle in the eyes to help them walk in the darkness of misfortunes....that have a smile to melt the devil's heart...and a will to carry them, when they feel beaten down and lost...

...an utopia you'd say, and you will be deadly wrong! Just a quick gaze in the world of sports and you will see hundreds of athletes that fit the description above. But there is one name that echos in my mind. There is one person that deserves all the best things in life and in sports...and her name is Ivet Lalova.

She is a bulgarian sprinter. In 2004, at the Olympic games in Athens her name started spreading all over the world, with her becoming the fastest white women in the world. Just 0,03sec. seperated her from the bronze medal at the games. Her future looked brighter than ever...till the day...when she broke her right femur after a collision with another athlete while warming up for the 100m sprint at the Athens Super Grand Prix. Back then it seemed like her carrer, the dreams about better results were about to fade.

I bet that nobody believed that six years later Ivet will be back stronger than ever. I remember watching in interview with Ivet, with her sitting in a wheelchair saying that "Evil things come on horse, and leave on foot". And she was right! The injury came in a second...and took six long years to cure the physical pain...and maybe the time will never be enough to make the mental pain vanish.

Obstacles like that make some people give up, forces some people to quit living and just keep existing! But unlike them Ivet Lalova knew deep inside her that she has done it before...and she can do it again. She just had to keep the vision of her dream alive, be patient and work hard to get to the place where she deserves to be. It is like a small child learning to walk. It will stand up and fall down, thousand times...but it will never give up. The child will have bruises, they will hurt but they won't make it surrender.

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. Obviously Ivet's attitude was positive, and in spite of the hearbreaking injury, she never lost faith that someday she will be back where she was and even more...she will be better than she was. And I think that day is about to come soon. This Thursday she won the 100 metre race at the IAAF Diamond League in Oslo.She clocked 11.01 seconds,which is her best for the season and not far from her best overall.

I can imagine what she felt six years ago...I can imagine what she went through and how hard it was to get up every day knowing that it will take a hell of a will and tons of hard work to be on the track again. I can imagine her mind wanting to quit...but her heart never letting her do it...the fight between the heart and the mind can be the toughest...Ivet has a heart that won over the overwhelming thoughts of the mind, so I am sure that nothing can stop her in the future. She deserves all the good that a person could get. I wish her to keep being the fighter she is and to never fear the future, because as a famouse saying says "I am not afraid of tomorrow, because I have seen yesterday, and I love today".


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