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Thursday, January 7, 2010

For those that always look for the easy way...

Yesterday I had half a day off practice and I used it too meet with some of my old basketball teammates. We went to a cafe and talked for 2 or 3hours. We chatted a little bit about what all of us are doing now-some are studying,some are working and others are just waiting for life to pass! There is one of them that has always been extremely overweight and always talks how she wants to lose these pounds. So yesterday when she heard I was a lot into sports and nutrition she immediately said here is a pen and a paper write me a diet. I am not gonna lie to you I have known her for a while and just one meet with a person is enough to tell you if that person can be dedicated to something and follow a nutrition or an exercise plan, and tell you the truth she is definitely not one of them. But well it does not cost me anything to try and help her, so I started asking her what she usually eats, when she eats and so on, so I could make her up a diet that won't be that strict at the beginning, cause if you put her on a strict diet, I bet she will quit in two days. Well she was not really helping me making her the menu, she wasn't really serious about it, she asked why am I SACRIFICING all those great tastes of food. I told her that for me it is not a sacrifice, and that I am eating everything I want and everything I like and I don't feel the lack of something. Then she became really serious and said " Look, that is how I see life. It is so short, and all those minor things are what make up life, they are the pleasure in life, it is a feast to me to sit on the table and eat for hours all those chocolates, and cakes and...". That is when I interrupted her and told her that this is the problem. Food ain't supposed to be a feast! It is a fuel for your body. Yea you might feel pleasure eating it(nothing wrong with that) , but just eat as much as you need, and find other stuff that make you feel like you are celebrating. Then she continued talking similar stuff about food and what a pleasure it is to be stuffing yourself with it, and I knew there was no need for me to try too hard to make her up a nutrition plan, 'cause anyways she wouldn't follow it. Besides that happens really often. I have tons of friends that see me bring all those boxes and eat eggs,stakes and etc. and get motivated to get in shape and ask me how. When I explain them, they look really frustrated and say "And that is what I should eat to the end of my life?" ... that always surprises me, because you eat from everything you just have to eat it at the right time and the right amounts in order to be in good shape, so I do not see the problem to "eat this to the end of my life". It always happens like that you ask us for advice about diet and training and usually we offer some guidance and some advices, but deep inside we know you won't take it seriously. I bet you know it too! We know that 99% of people that ask us for advice won't listen to us. Once they hear that it takes hard work, dedication and some discipline they stop listening and tune us out! Haven't you heard that the less traveled path is usually what would take you somewhere??? And that the easy things will make life a lot harder in future? Well, maybe you heard it, but did not understand it...Too bad for you...everybody has the right to choose, I hope more people will make better choices in future! Respect to everybody that has chosen the path less traveled and has done something with his life!

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