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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nutrition movies

A week ago I was reading a blog about health and nutrition and I passed through a list of movies on that topic that the author recommended. I love watching these kind of movies, unfortunately I can not find half of them...but the once I can..I will watch them for sure! And below are two of them that I found pretty interesting.

I think the movie "Sugar: The bitter truth" is really interesting and simple to understand. Everything is so clearly explained through graphics and scientific evidences! I think that everybody that is interested in healthy living should watch it! You can learn a lot from it and it surely will help you teach somebody something!

In the presentation, Dr. Robert H. Lustig argues that fructose – especially in the form of high-fructose corn syrup – is so bad for you that it should be classified as a poison, he also likens the way your body reacts to it as alcohol without the buzz.
According to Dr. Lustig, it’s not merely an issue of biochemistry but also industry – he points to the corn industry-sponsored Sweet Surprise site – and even politics. He puts out some interesting facts that you may have never thought about...but that are actually the truth and make sense!
The video is about an hour and a half but is worth the time.

That one pretty much shows, or even explains the roots of Paleo diet and why it is good for you and your body. There are two mor eparts to that video. The second one explains about the exercise that is connected with the Paleo style. These videos are a lot shorter than the above so make sure to find the time and take a look at them too.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't waste reality!

I once read that faith is not daring regarding of the evidence but daring regarding of the consecuence! I found that pretty deep and meaningful, and I guess that is how I always do it in my life. I have pretty strong faith in the way I want things to be. I believe that no matter where you are standing you have a pretty good chance on makiing it where you want to be, only if you have patience,work hard,and use your faith to guide you in the dark!

But there is that tiny moment to know when to stop. You should change the things when you can and accept it when you can't. ANd you should master yourslef to make the difference between both! And let me tell you that it is a long road, full of tons of mistakes till you become able to find the difference!

Most of us waste our lives wasting our reality for an illusion. And that is a big mistake! There is nothing wrong with dreaming but make sure you are living the moment now and not somewhere in the future or somewhere you were never meant to be. reality is living where you are and accepting the way things are and illusion is living where you wished you were and refusing to accept the way things are! Illusion is neglecting the evidence,knowing the consecuences, seeing it is impossible and still doing it just because you are too stubborn to aceept the fact that life does not always go the way we want it!

But what you can't realize is that by chasing the illusion you are blind for the present. And the present might hide everything you need...if you just had the time to live in reality!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

No excuses!

Since yesterday I am in Brussels for a seminar. I will be staying here till Tuesday. SO that makes it four days in a foreign country, far from my home and my daily schedule. And as I said before the most important thing of my day are sports and nutrition. I hardly ever skip a practice. Even when I am sick I make sure to go to the gym and exercise. I should be stuck to my bad, having no force to get out of it in order to miss my practice.

A lot of people use traveling as an excuse for skipping workouts and eating junk. Did I do it too? OF COURSE NOT! What I did was:

1)First I checked the hotel that they reserved for me from the seminar. I found out there was no fridge! Problem number one! Solution found!

2)I checked the forecast for the next week in Brussels. I found out it was gonna be pretty cold, so that meant I could take healthy food from Bulgaria and keep it on the balcony(which I found out was missing haha so I keep it on the outside of my window).

3) I cooked my stakes, my fish and packed them in boxes!

4) I prayed there is not gonna be problems at the airport. And fortunately everything was just fine, so when I got to Brussels and got my luggage, my fuel(my food) for the seminar was there with me.

5) I went to the shop and bought lots of vegetables,fruits and water. You would think couldn't you buy your meat and fish there too. Yes, I certaintly could have done it, but I do not have much time, and I do not have anywhere to cook, so I had to buy some packed food, and I hate the thought of being left without healthy food!

6) I am enjoying my steaks and my fish.

So everything with the food is just fine...what about workouts. Well when you think about a person that goes to a foreign country with half of my bag full of food would you expect me to skip workouts? Sure I do not!

I just wake up earlier before the seminar starts. I put on my workout clothes. Then I think for a WOD(workout of the day) I could possibly do in my room, that is not more than 3square meters, and I get to work. For example today I did:

50burpees,100air squats,30 V-ups.
40burpees,80air squats,30 V-ups
30burpees,60air squats,30 V-ups
20burpees,40air squats,30 V-ups
10burpees,20air squats,30 V-ups

It wasn't a hell of a practice but it is still something to keep me pumped up! ;)
Next two days I am gonna make some more WODs and make sure I have a good workout!
So there are NO EXCUSES for eating junk food and being lazy! Like anything in life if you find it important you will think for a way to squeeze it in your schedule!

By the way I found a pretty interesting article on a similar topic. It has to ddo with mothers that are always makeing excuses for practices. I encourage them to read the next article,hopefully it will inspire them and make them move!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts become actions

"We become, have and attract what we think about and act upon correctly the most." John Assaraf

I read an article by Josh Lifrak,that I found interesting!He is a mental conditioning coach.What he said in his article is how he keeps a large blue button in his office. On the top of the button, it clearly states in bold lettering “DON’T PUSH.” The object of this button is to avoid placing your hand on it and depressing it.

When placed in clear view most of the athletes that came into his office stared at it and during conversation. Some picked it up and hold it consumed by its presence. Some had zero will power and just slapped it defiantly. Practically all the athletes struggled with the very clear direction of DON’T PUSH. They become obsessive about the button!

I thought how much this simple story applies in our lives. When we are involved in some action, more often than not we are concentrating on the things we SHOULDN'T do!We let fear of failure controll our minds! And you know how it is sad that:

...your thoughts become your words
...your words become your actions.
...your actions become your habits.
...your habits become your character.
...your character becomes your destiny.

That means that by letting the thought of "Don't push the button";"Don't make a fall start";"Don't mess up"...actually transforms right into reality. And you end up where you were most afraid of being!

So instead of constantly telling ourselves what not to do we could actually tell ourselves what to do! Like "Stay away from that button";"Make sure to start on time";"Do your work the right way", and so on.

Actually here comes the role of the Law of Attraction which teaches you that you must consciously choose your thoughts to manifest what you desire into your life.
We must monitor our thoughts and take the action required to get us where we want to be.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Everybody felt pain in their lives. If you haven't felt it, that means you never took risks and probably never did anything worth it! Sometimes I wonder how much pain could a heart handle...and I never seem to find the answer. Just when you think you can't handle more you refute yourself just to find out you could still bare some more!

But what I found out about pain is that the more you suffer the happier you could become. The deeper pain has pinetrated your heart the more space there will be for happiness to set! You know, it is the same as when you take a furniture out of your house-the bigger it is, the more space there is gonna be for something better and nicer to take its place.(maybe a little bit stupid example :)...but you get the point!)

There is one more thing I figured out! If you feel pain occasionally that is fine! IT just means something is changing. But if you constantly feel pain...well that is when you have a problem! The pain felt often means refusal to change!

Sometimes we are so used to our lives,the people and things invloved that we do not realize how if we had the courage to leave,to change or whatever...how much everything could change...hopefully for the better. SOmetimes we live with memories from the past and we bring them in the present, wehn things are not the same as they used to be, but we are so stubborn to admit it that we'd rather remember the happiness from the past and suffer in the present. Instead of let go of the past,change the present and enjoy the future!

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place...but if you just give up...it lasts forever...it might eat you up and waste the beautiful person you could be...only if you had the courage to change...

Monday, February 14, 2011

If you don't love

Love makes you give all you have in order to receive all you need...

If you don't love

You can decide the path you'll go on
You can climb the mountains beyond the limits you have
You'll be able to be anyone if you want
but if you don't love
if you don't love
you don't have a real reason for living
if you don't love
you don't love yourself and you don't exist
if you don't love
everything you do has no meaning
you can create a great empire around you
[you can] build skyscrapres and count a little more
you can buy everything you want
but if you don't love
if you don't love
you don't have a real reason for living
if you don't love
you don't love yourself and you don't exist
if you don't love
if you don't love
you don't know the meaning of little things
the certainties that you don't find and that you don't give
love waits, it isn't intrusive and it never screams
if you talk, it listens to you, it bears all and it believes in what you do
and it asks to be free to go
and when it turns back it will give you more
if you don't love
if you don't love
everything else is really useless
if you don't love
you don't love yourself
you don't exist...
without love we aren't anyone ever...

Friday, February 4, 2011

I learned...

"Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours.”

"I learned that nobody can cause me more pain than I can!
I learned that even time can't cure something that I do not want to be cured!
I learned that nobody can close a page of my life if I do not want it closed!
I learned that nobody can take away from me something that I've already lost!
What did you learn..."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't identify yourself with your work!

I have been thinking about something lately... I am not sure I can put in words exactly what is on my mind but right now I feel like giving it a try!

Attachment! That's what's on my mind. When I look up the dictionary it says that "attachment is an emotional connection. Attachment involves being dependent on something for emotional, mental or physical reasons." I myself do not attach easily , BUT if I do it can be pretty bad. And that is something I decided I want to change about myself. I do not wanna put my energy in just one thing and make it my main purpose, make it the sense of my life! Because everything in life is temporary...things come and go...and when you are left without the things you are attached to you feel like your whole world is falling apart!...and I assure you the feeling is...undescribably terrible!

So what I think about attachment, or actually what I think hides behind it is FEAR!The root of attachment is fear. Without fear there’s no attachment to circumstances… no emotional resistance to outcomes. If you could remain open to everything and attached to nothing, then you would experience no fear. If you would consciously chose to live a fear-based existence, then attachments are fine. But if you wish to rid your life of unnecessary fear, then such socially conditioned attachments must eventually be rejected and replaced by conscious choice.

Instead of viewing certain events as tragic, we could just choose a context in which they become transformational! Change is a natural part of human existence. Instead of resisting change, we can learn to embrace it… in all its various forms. Instead of labeling events as good or bad, we can withhold judgment and simply accept them for what they are! YOU choose your mental response to the things that happen in your life! And your mental response dictates your emotional response!

We kind of have the habit to identify ourselves with the things we do. We consider that we are a product of our work,job or whatever we are attached to, whatever we are aiming for. But it is the opposite...our work is a product of our identity, our innerself...you should identify your work with yourself not yourself with your work. I am not sure if you get my point...

We often tend to put all our energy in something and make it the point of our life...we take it as a life and death thing! But when you loose your job, when you should change your life and the daily stuff that you were involved in...it feels like you are glued with them..you try so hard to get out, but you seem stuck in them!...you spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of that attachment but it is so stuck in you,actually to you it seems like you lost yourself...and the truth is you just lost a masterpiece you created...but hey, the power is still in you, and you still can create something better taking the lessons learned!

Back in my life I was a basketball player. That was everything I lived for and everything I dreamed about! I identified myself as a basketball player, I thought that was all I am capable of doing, and I thought if something puts an end to my career I will be left with nothing..I will lose myself if I loose basketball...

I lived in a constant fear of loosing it...but you know how often when you feel such a deep fear you actually attract it and it happens...and it did! I injured pretty bad and I was not capable of playing anymore! I went through such a destroying physical and emotional pain! I struggled living for a long time...actually I still do sometimes! But today I realize that it took me so much time to overcome it, it took so much tears to take it off...just because I was so attached to it and made basketball define my life!

I am tall and I remember how when people saw me they always asked "are you a basketball or a volleyball player?"...actually they still do...I used to proudly say "I played basketball!"...and after the injury I remember getting on the bus, and somebody asked that question...I can still feel the stabbing pain...I still remember what I felt while I said "NO"...it felt like my heart was shattering inside...I felt like the biggest looser...like the person I was talking to would think I was some inferior person wasting her life...

And today I understand that there is so much more that could define your life. I realize that in our drive to achieve something, in the drive to give it everything, in the energy we put to the world outside of us...I just realized that we do this because we are desperately trying to escape the road to our innerself...we are trying to escape from who we are, we are scared to look deeper inside of us and deal with our emotions...so we try to mask them by making ourselves busy with everything else...

I still do it...I still try to make myself busy all the time because I guess I do not feel good with the person I am...I can't stay just by myself, because I am not in a peace with myself! I identify myself with the things I do and if something goes wrong I feel like a failure...and I AM NOT a failure just because something went wrong...there are so many events that influence what is happening and how things turn out...if something goes wrong...YES, you have fault but it is not just your fault and you are not a failure! You do not lose your personality, just because events did not turn out the way you wanted...you can still be a great person and bring joy to your life and people's life!

Whatever you do...take the time and think...do you identify yourself with it? Do you think that if you loose it you will feel like you lost yourself, are you going to feel like you are a second hand person? If your answer is YES, then just make me company in the road to change! Because I am gonna change that in my life, and I am gonna give my best to stop identifying my personality with my work and trying to be perfect all the time!I am not perfect...nobody is...perfection is not attainable! There is nothing wrong aiming high as long as you don't make it a matter of life and death!...I will give my best to start feeling in peace with myself and enjoying the times when I am alone...

Drive without attachment, ambition without ego, and peace without passivity!

Thank you!

I truely believe that it is in your darkest days and moments when you could experience some of the greatest things in life. It has happened to me before, happened today and hope it will happen in the future.

I do not trust too many people, actually I trust just two, three people at the most. Those are the people I could say anything, I do not always do it but I know if I feel like it they are gonna be there for me.

I really feel so blessed that I met them and that they are part of my life...and today one of them made my life soooooo beautiful! He kind of always makes life look like a piece of cake. With him by my side I feel like nothing could hurt me and like I can face everything.

I just wanted to say how greateful I am for the comfort he gives me on difficult days, for the smiles he brings when sadness intrudes, the hugs when spirits sag, the faith so I can believe, the confidence when I doubt, the courage to be myself, that he LISTENS to me when I am SILENT...and just the fact that he makes my life so complete...