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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you scared to admit you are proud of yourself?

How often do you feel proud of yourself? And do you feel proud at all?!. Nowadays being proud of yourself and showing it equals showing off...and that is a really wrong understanding. Stop for a while and think what makes you feel proud of yourself. Then when you figure that out, go ahead and do it and don't be ashamed to show it.
Usually when you feel proud of somebody else you always show it out loud, but when you feel proud of yourself you just hide those emotions in yourself and hardly share them with somebody. I've been like that my whole life. When I played basketball I used to get tons of compliments after the games how good I played, and I got frustrated and used to always put my head down(like I commit a crime) and quietly say "Thank you, but it could be better!" ... I remember one time I scored 52points, got 32rebounds, and 10steals, plus a couple assists... and you know that you do not make a triple double every day... so I could be proud of myself...but was I? Deep inside I was, but I was scared to show it or share it with somebody, 'cause they might have gotten it wrong and think I was showing off... I always felt that showing I am proud of myself is boastful and immodest. Tell you the truth it feels good to see others appreciate what you have done, but as I grow older I find out that it is not that important what other people think, and what other people value and if you are going to make them proud of you or etc, the most important is to feel content with yourself and proud of yourself, because the worst thing that could happen to you is to be disappointed with yourself. So at the end of the day when you go to bed, take a breath and think what did you do today that made you proud of yourself and don’t be scared to admit it!

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