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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just be yourself!

Trying to be somebody you are not is just a waste of the person you are!

Have you ever thought if what you are doing and aiming for is actually what you really want? Have you ever thought you might be chasing other people's dreams and not your own? There are so many examples about people that have always been taught what is the right thing for them to do! People pick on them since childhood what should their life look like and what they should aim for. And most of the time it turns that you are chasing your parent's unfulfilled dreams...and you actually hate it but you are so used to hearing that is what you are supposed to do that you actually believe you want it. But do you really?

I think that everybody should make their own choice how to live life and even if others do not like it... that does not have to stop us! We should always fight for what we love even when nobody else thinks it is worth it!

Another thing is when you really look up to somebody and you really want to be like that person. You do everything to imitate him or her... but is this the right thing to do? Everybody has unique abilities...you should just find what are yours and start developing them instead of loosing yourself in the effort to be somebody else! What a waste would it be to spend your life seeking to be someone you are not! What a true joy it is to spend your moments expressing and fulfilling the authentic person you are!

Every day is the perfect day for you to sing your own song, to live the joy that is yours to live and to create the beauty that is yours to give!

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