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Monday, February 22, 2010

What it feels like to date a figure competitor

I just read that and thought I'd share it with you

What it feels like to date a figure competitor, by Chris Shugart

“Let’s get one thing clear: Sex with a very fit, very athletic woman is awesome. No surprise there, right? You should put it on your bucket list. But while the sex is grade-A, but the rest of the relationship can be … tricky.

I’m so strict with my diet that I’ve been called a “food Nazi.” Yet the figure competitors I’ve dated think I eat horribly, at least compared to their contest diets. There’s nothing quite like being nagged for eating too much plain chicken breast, or being put on a guilt trip for eating something “bad” … like a banana.

Dating can be tough. One figure competitor I was seeing had to be in bed by 7 p.m. because she got up at 3 a.m. to do cardio, then started training clients at 5 a.m. That 9 p.m. movie or concert you wanted to take her to see? Out of the question.
Likewise, taking her to a restaurant is pretty much impossible if she’s preparing for a show. Even the healthy stuff on the menu probably won’t meet her diet guidelines.

If you’re the jealous type, don’t date a figure gal. She’ll be nearly naked when she’s onstage, and probably taking part in provocative photo shoots when she isn’t. Even if you’re not the jealous type, it can get weird. There’s a tawdry underside to bodybuilding and figure modeling, and if she wants to place well in a contest or score a photo spread, she’ll have to spend some time with predatory sleazebags.

Her body takes some getting used to. Unless she has implants, the contest-ready figure competitor usually has no boobs. Expect some low-ab vascularity, and maybe even crotch veins.

On the bright side, that caboose? Amazing. Legs? Incredible. Belly? Like a warm, living sculpture. And fully shaved is usually standard.

Finally, if you’re in a serious, live-in, expense-sharing relationship, you have to understand that figure competition is expensive. You’ll be spending a lot of money on hair, nails, tanning, suits, supplements, photography, and travel.

But the biggest hit might be to your ego. Forget being the object of attention in your relationship; doing well in figure requires an almost single-minded focus and dedication. Her primary concern, especially around contest time, is herself, not you.

For a long-term relationship, a woman who’s into the fitness lifestyle but who doesn’t compete is probably your best bet.”

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