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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you really need a motivation

The most common sentences I hear people say are: “I don’t have time”, “I’m just too busy”, “I’ve got kids to look after” or “I have a full time job”. So, to me all that are just stupid excuses!What these people actually say is “I don’t want to” for one reason or another. Some of them say they do not have the motivation needed... but do you always need to have a motivation? I think that motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going...

Take time and think how many of you get up of a morning, have breakfast, take a shower, brush your teeth and keep on doing whatever you have to do? Everyone of us does it! And why are we doing it?Because you are inspired? Or maybe motivated? haha NO!!! We all do it because we HAVE TO for health and hygiene reasons and because it’s habit. We don’t even think about it we just do it because we’ve been taught that way and we have been doing it since we could remember!

To me healthy eating and fitness are not any different. They say it takes 21days to make something a habit.So push yourself to exercise and eat healthy for 3weeks and soon you will see that you will even like it and it won't be just a habit but a pleasure for you! I know every begining is hard! But YOU CAN DO IT! Just start caring more about your health and stop making all these stupid excuses! With them you won't make me believe you how busy you are but you are CHEATING ON YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH!

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