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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes letting things happen is way better than rushing things happen...

Is there any area in your life where you have great success without really having to work hard for it? Is there something you are just naturally good at?

For me, sports have always been something that comes naturally to me. I've had times I worked really, really hard on getting something and then ended up not getting it...I had times when I worked really hard again but I was doing it having tons of fun and not concentrating on the goal itself but mostly on the journey and I ended up reaching the goal...

The thing that springs to mind is that if you are not attached to reaching your goal no matter what, to have that financial security or that happily ever after romance or whatever else comes up to your mind, you are more likely to have the happiness you look for in your life, and you will sure achieve your goals and aspirations. You should be grateful for all you've got and enjoy it but you should not constantly live with the fear of loosing it. Yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if that if what I have now disappears tomorrow I would be sad for the loss but not in any way completely crushed.

It's that old story about when you go for an interview for a job you don't want that much, or stop looking for a relationship that you get those things. It seems that our ability to let go of the desire ensures we end up getting those things despite our neutral feelings.

Do you really NEED to have a body that is in it's top physical condition? Must you always eat on plan and on schedule to feel in control? Are you consumed by the latest diet and training program? How bad do you want it? Do you need that gold medal? Or to always be in first place?

Maybe the intensity of your desire is what prevents you from getting what you want? Maybe wanting it bad means you're never going to get it, or if you do, you will be consumed by the fear of losing it. I myself have experienced that thing! Sometimes I get so lost in things I want to achieve, I completely ignore everything else and bust my ass off to achieve whatever I want that my mind gets so tired and overloaded and I end up achieving nothing... I just throw all that work to waste... or when I get what I want I constantly live with the fear I might loose it and wonder what I am gonna do after that...but come on..why do I need to make my life harder instead of living it to the fullest? Does it matter if I am gonna loose what I have today or tomorrow or after 40 years? No it does not matter how long you will have something as long as you took all the joy out of it. And how could you enjoy something to the fullest if you are always scared and careful because you might screw it up and loose it?

Let it go ... life is about happiness, honesty, growth and experience , relationship and banging body and whatever else you want will be the icing on the cake.

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