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Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving on to the next chapter

The other day I was cleaning my room, so I could not skip to clean the dust off the shelves... and most of the shelves in my room are fool of basketballs,medals,awards and so on...things that constantly remind me of basketball. When I got injured the thought of putting them in a box and throwing them in the basement did not give me a rest, but I did not have the strength to do it and one of my friends constantly told me it is my past and I should not throw it away but just get used to it and move on. So every time I clean those shelves billions of memories fight in my head and my eyes always fill with tears, so cleaning those shelves is something I hate. Well this weekend as I started cleaning the medals and etc. these memories started rushing in my head again, and my eyes started filling with tears again! But this time I did not let them take over me and said myself that this is already in the past, and I have so many great things in my life now, and that I would have never have the things I have now if my life has not gone the way it did. So I decided this is the last time my eyes get wet while I am cleaning them. It is about time to close the final page of the chapter about my past, so I did that on Saturday, I closed that page and moved on to the next chapter. Every time something went wrong I used to go back to the past and feel sorry about it, but not anymore! Bye,bye past and basketball...you are just a history now and I won't let you take over my present and my future! Enough said! :)

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