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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I got my diploma for a personal trainer :)

Last Monday I had the exam for the personal trainer certificate. It went really well. I was so excited. The "teacher" said I did great throughout the two weeks. Yesterday I went and took my diploma and now I am ready to keep learning and slowly move on to the next level towards achieving my dream to have my own gym some day and be a personal trainer.

I want to say I am really thankful to my "teacher" Yordan Yordanov. He explains really good and put his heart into his work. You know how most people just try to get over the material as fast as they can. But he ain't like that he explains really profound everything. He answers all your questions as full as he could. He is just trying to make sure you are gonna get everything out of the course and be as prepared as possible.

I knew a lot of things even before I started the course but now I know at least twice as much and I am pretty excited to learn more in the future.

During the course I had two do a couple weightlifting and nutrition programs for different people with different goals. It was really exciting and interesting to me. I have never suspected that it is so much fun to do these stuff. I can't wait to make more programs like that in the future.

So, I am just really happy I decided to take the course and that I had such a great example like Yordan Yordanov!

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