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Monday, March 1, 2010

The BLT Diet

Since I am really keen on healthy eating and weightlifting and sports generally, all of my friends are asking me to help them loose weight or gain muscles or whatever else you could think of that has something to do with sports and nutrition. Some of them are overweight, some are not... but they always say how they are giving everything possible to lose weight and it never comes out the right way.

Well, when I ask them how exactly they are trying to shred that weight and I hear the sentence " I do not eat after 4p.m. or after 6p.m."; "I eat fruits before my meals so they can take space and I could feel full and eat less"; " Well, I eat everything but really small portions"; "I do 2-3hours of cardio"and all that lame explanations... Sometimes I think all these people should get together and write a book what NOT to do if we want to loose weight!

The thing with "eat everything-just smaller portions" is so ridiculous. It is like saying you are reading tons of books but turns out you are reading just chapter's names... I'd say that it is better to avoid calorie dense foods(like all the junk food)- that practically are stuffed with calories but do not give you the feeling of being fool and instead eat some meat with more vegetables( that are big volume foods(take a lot of space but are low in calories)) . That way you won't feel hungry and you will stick to good, nutritionally rich, healthy eating.

Then the cardio issue.... 2-3hours of cardio? Well, I am a swimmer and swimming could be counted as cardio...and yes I spend like 4hours a day swimming but it is something like my job.... it is just my sport that is requiring it... but if I was somebody that wants to have healthy lifestyle and look good I wouldn't waste my day doing cardio. Instead I would stick to some interval training combined with weightlifting. It is much more productive and takes less time but leads to better results!

And now I am finally to the point I actually started writing this for... the "BLT Diet", or in other words — bites, licks, and tastes. Most people tend to think they are following some healthy eating plan, and they are expecting to see results... but who knows why they never last long on the diet because they get demotivated by not seeing any results and they just quit... Well, if you are one of them you better stop and think for a while...are you really following your plan? Or are you slacking on it?... maybe that bite from your boyfriend's burger; or the lick from your friends ice-cream, and all these small bites of junk food that you think won't harm you, and all the sips of the high fructose juice you have every time you open the fridge? ... Well all that broken in small bites and sips and licks may look nothing to you but when you add it up it turns out you are not following any specific HEALTHY eating plan... you are just cheating on yourself...

So it seems to me that most of the diet enthusiasts actually are following the BLT diet... and if you do not change that diet, you will surely never see the results you expect to!

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