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Monday, May 16, 2011

The wrong advice

The other day I was out with a friend of mine. She used to be a synchronized swimmer and back in the days she used to have a beautiful body. When we were in high school I really admired her abs and wanted to look something like that. Back then I was totally uneducated about the way the body functions and everything that had to do with proper nutrition.

I remember her counting calories all the time, doing some freaking strange diets and constantly complaining how her coach told her she was fat and she had to lose weight. That was the first time I heard about a calorie and from then on my life ain't the same! :D I remember both of us going to a supermarket close to the school and we bought BISCUITS AND SWEET YOGURT!!! and we considered that healthy!

So anyways that was just an introduction, so you could get more aware of the background with diets that my friend had. So now she ain't that lean anymore, actually she has some weight to lose. And she was really excited because for the last couple months she is working as a receptionist in a globo gym.

She said that because everybody there is so concious about nutrition she decided to give it a try. So one of the COACHES in the GLOBO GYM made up a NUTRITION PLAN for her..and here she goes sharing what he told her to eat..."For lunch I have a 100grams of boiled rice"...took me a couple minutes to think over what she just said. I was SHOCKED! A hundred grams of rice for lunch??? I was just gonna pass out instead of her!

Later on in the conversation she said she was feeling really good...and what she said was "...besides I am fierce to eat a chocolate pancake and some ice cream and maybe a little more chocolate, and plus when I go to bed I can't wait to wake up and have my breakfast". Hm...do you think that means feeling good? Doubt it. What it looks to me is more like her body is crying for fuel, energy...basically STARVING!

Ok, so after I let say swallowed the information about the nutrition plan, she went further telling me about the workout program...and I am even scared to explain that one...let's just say that the workout takes up like two and a half hours with an hour of cardio, lots of sit ups and exercises WITH WEIGHTS!!-3kg dumbells!... that does not look like a weight to me! Come on! Even my steak on the fork is heavier ;)

I am constantly AMAZED when somebody with a sports background trust somebody like HER COACH! And how in the world is it possible for someone like him to have a certificate for a personal trainer. And the scary part is that the bigger part of the coaches are just like him. Give advices just like his. Provide people with THE WRONG INFORMATION just like he did. And instead of helping people to achieve their goals, they just help stopping them and bringing more problems-like sickness, low self esteem, disappointment, discouragement and they are just a torture to the body and mind in general!


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