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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I bet you wonder what the heck does N.E.P.A mean! Sounds wierd, doesn't it? But actually it is something really simple- N.E.P.A means non-exercise physical activity. At first you might think it is not something worth the talk, but is that the truth for real?

In a world where every day somebody invents something that spoils us and makes us become lazy, where you hardly ever need to do some heavy physical activity in order to survive, our population is destinied to become more obese with every passing year! That is why something needs to be done. And as it always happens in life it starts with some small changes in our lifestyle! Most of us find it hard to restrict on the bad food, others find it impossible to drag themselves to the gym and move a little bit. So if you are the kind of person that gets tired just by the thought of working out( and I deeply hope you are not!!) you can still make some MINOR CHANGES to your lifestyle that will bring to BIG RESULTS!

I know that not a lot of people give it a thought, but if you started your day parking your car a little further from your office you could pump up your blood a little bit by walking that distance. Instead of eating like it is your last day on Earth and then taking the elevator when you get back from lunch, you could have a nice exercise if you just climbed up the stairs. And trust me it ain't that scary at all! I do it all the time and I live on the eight floor. Surprise!!! I am still alive! I assure you, that you will be too! And you will feel better than ever!

I hate it when I see somebody in my University taking the elevator to the second floor! Come on! Even my great-grandma moves more. She does her gymnastic every day twice a day...and she is 90years old! DOesn't that make you feel ashamed?

Then instead of getting back home, and settling yourself down on the couch wqith a bag of chips and cheese dip, watching some boring TV show, you could use the time to go out with your friends and have a nice walk in the park.

So do you see it? You made just three little changes to your day-you walked a little bit to work, climbed the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and walked in the park! Do you know how much this adds up? You already moved three times more what others do, and you didn't even break a sweat!

Now, that is a great beginning! Next step-get addicted to being healthy, start moving, go working out, buy a gym memebership or whatever you want, JUST MOVE! And if you add up some changes to your eating habits...you are already there! The closest to your HEALTHY YOU! But let me not be so greedy and not force you to do so much in such less time! Just make sure you include your N.E.P.A.


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