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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Krisi's first workout flipping tires

Yesterday was a great day! One of the girls I coach, started working out with me six months ago. She was really thin, and she wanted to put on some muscles! That was a greta start! I knew I was gonna like being her coach, because I liked the goals she had. She did not wanna be skinny, toned, thin, she wanted to be fit.Her name is Kristina. She started, having three workouts a week. What got my attention was that Krisi has never been an athlete before, but she was still really coordinated and balanced. She improved at a fast pace. Now she is the queen of squatting! :)

I am a crossfitter, and I constantly talk about my workouts, and how fun it is to flip tires, do burpees, jump,run or you name it. So last week during a workout with Krisi, she came up with a question that almost made me pass out from excitement. She said "Do you think I will be able to flip a tire?". I stood there speechless, wondering "Did she really ask me what I heard? ". I have waited for so long for somebody to ask me that question and she just did it. So said and done!

Yesterday we had a workout outside of the gym. First she had her warm-up and later on we moved on to teaching her the technique of flipping tires. She did really good once again. Then I made up a quick WOD with tires and I think that Krisi is hooked up for a lifetime. She is a future crossfitter! :)

I am really proud of her. She has been working really hard, and getting closer to achieving her goals. I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to work with more girls like her-who will be dedicated to their goals, ambitious and hard-working, motivated, and willing to kick some ass! :)))


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