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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life is a beautiful struggle

“If men could only know each other, they would never either idolize or hate"

I have the habit of analyzing life way too much! :) Sometimes it is a good thing but more often than not it is kind of stressful! Today I watched a TV show about female prisoners, what is their life behind the walls and what was it back in "the real world".Most of these women stories really made me sad...and do not get me wrong I do not put off the guilt they have... it is what they said about the way they were treated when they were little,i.e. getting beated,raped, tortured in different ways( one girl told how her mother used to extinguish her cigarette all over her body, beated her with different objects and so on...).

That made me think about the people we meet everyday, either it is you, me or somebody else... we all have our stories. And some of them are hidden deep inside of us. They are our deepest secrets which keep us in our own prison. Secrets that don't let us go anywhere without them constantly reminding of themselves!

Everybody we meet is afraid of something, loves something and lost something. We all have our own burden to carry. Sometimes lost in our saddness or most likely our self pity we tend to look up to others and wish we could switch lives and be in their place. But do you remember the famous saying how you should walk a mile in somebody's else shoes before you can judge them and make conclusions!

That reminds me of a story I read long ago. I can't exactly remember it, I couldn't find it in google either but it went something like this:

There was that person who was sick of his life. He felt like the most meserable person in the world and he wanted to get rid of that burden. He went to God and asked if he could switch his heavy burden with somebody elses. Then God told him that he will let him go to a room where all the burdens are collected and he will give him the opportunity to pick whichever he wanted.

So God opened the door and the "miserable" man went inside. He saw all sizes of burdens, and most of them were not small at all. In the corner of the room he saw the smallest burden that catched his sight. SO he went near it and told God that this wa sthe burden he wanted to take. Then God laughed and said: "Dear son! I am afraid you can not switch to this burden, because this is already YOUR burden!"

So you see how sometimes we think our life is terrible and get jelous about other people's life. But we forget that behind the smile of others is often hidden a tragedy! So do not waste your life and your potential feeling sorry about yourself and what happened to you. There are people that suffer twice as much. People that would be more than right to want quitting their life. People that despitre of the sorrow don't lose heart and hope. People that realized that life is all about fighting and never letting the circumstances be the last one to knock you down!

Remember that we all have our trubles. Our fears! Our secrets! Our own struggles. And switching them to somebody elses life is not the solution. Happy life ain't measured by the care free life you have. Instead it is measured by the obstacles we overcame. By the character we show when everybody would understand us if we gave up!....Life is a beautiful struggle! Make your life count!


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