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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The truth about idolizing people

Not long ago one guy in the weightlifting room approached me and started asking questions. We were just chatting when he came up with the question if I had an idol and who he was!

Back in the days when I was maybe 14 years old I used to idolize Larry Bird. I was a basketball player and I really wanted to be just like Mr. Bird. I remember going to the library, searching for a biography to read, when my sight was caught by a really thick green book...and guess what? It was Larry Bird's biography. I instantly grabbed it and finished reading it for less than two days. I started doing everything he used to do when he was in high school. I woke up at 4a.m. every single day. I walked 3miles to the gym, and practiced before school. Then after my classes I headed again to the gym where I would have a practice with my team, and after that I would stay like two additional hours, practicing and practicing. Besides I did not miss to spend a rainy day outside in the driveway, shooting free throws. Everything he did...you name it- I did it. Let's add to all that some of my crazyness and you will be amazed by the things I used to do in order to become as good as a basketball player as my idol was.

Well, now when I look back all that makes me laugh. It is so childish to think that if you mimick what somebody does you will become like him. And why would you want it? We all have some special gifts, that we are supposed to develop throughout our lives in order to better ourselves and reach our full potential.

When that guy asked me about my idol....did I say Larry Bird? NO! What I said is that I do not have a particular person that I idolize. I sure have some people that I truely admire, or to be more precise...I admire what they went through...the obstacles they overcame and the life they built by refusing to let the odds keep them away from their dreams.

Now I think that by following an idol you limit yourself to become only as good as he is! And you could be so much more! So instead of picking somebody whose life we will mimick, desperately trying to be like him...it would be better if we just take what we like and apply it to our own identity and thus reach our own full potential!


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