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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why a calorie is not a calorie!

If you are one of those people that are conscious about nutrition and the foods you fuel your body with, probably you are constantly picked on for that choice. I myself sometimes get pretty irritated with that. I am pretty calm but even I get tired from explaining how I do not feel tortured and depressed for not eating junk food.

Most of the people I meet try to excuse their bad food choices saying " A calorie is a calorie, and as long as I put less energy in my body than I spent everything is going to be fine!" But do you believe things are so simple? Because I don't!

Don't fool yourself that as long as it is in moderation it is good for you..

If you follow the "rule" above, you might look good, considering your appearance but I assure you that you are a total mess on the inside. What you are doing by fueling your body with junk is what I did when I forgot my sister's car needed dizel and instead I put gas in it. I thought I put the fuel in the car and I was ready to go, but the problem was it was not the right fuel.
By eating junk food and all these "modern foods" you fuel your body with the wrong nutrition and it actually does not receive the micro and macronutrients needed in order to function well. Here comes the paradox- you are eating all the time, but in the same time you are always starving. That is because a calorie is not a calorie! Your calories are empty. They are not rich in nutritions like the healthy dense foods.

The truth is, the conventional wisdom about why we get fat is simply wrong. It's not about energy balance; it's not about "overconsumption of calories" or "taking in more calories than we burn." It's about something else- the way human body regulates fat metabolism and the accumulation of fat in our adipose tissue. Getting fat is a disorder of accumulating too much fat, so of course we should pay attention to how our bodies regulate fat accumulation. The real question to ask is why we accumulate fat—or more specifically, why our fat cells store more calories as fat than they release into the circulation to be burned for fuel.

Fat accumulation in the human body is regulated fundamentally by the hormone insulin. If insulin levels increase, so does fat accumulation. If insulin levels decrease, fat is released from the fat cells and used for fuel.

Insulin levels, for all intents and purposes, are controlled by the carbohydrates in the diet. The more refined and easily digestible those carbohydrates, the more insulin will be secreted. And most "modern foods" contain lots of sugars, i.e. sucrose( the one we put in tea and coffe, to make the more tasty) as well as high-fructose corn syrup—will cause long-term increases in insulin production.

That means that you should stop lying yourself, repeating the worldwide spread "knowledge", that as long as what you are eating is in moderation you will be just fine! Instead of just repeating the celebrity "gurus" myths about health, get more conscious about it and get yourself interested by getting to know how your body functions and what it needs to do so!

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