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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Success lies within you

"Don't let yesterday's disappointment overshadow tomorrow's dreams!"

It is a widespread "sicret" that desire is the foundation of success. If you want to accomplish something, it can't just be a hope, a dream, or a wish. It must be a burning desire that can often be described as an uncontrollable obsession. It must be a thought that transcends everything else. It must dominate your thoughts as well as fuel your passion and drive.

Most people that become champions-champions in any field or just champions in life are people that always keep in mind a vision of where they want to be. They have that plan in there mind. A plan that is well structured and make sure everything follows...

You will say "Wow! With a direction like that, probably they never fail...and I do! SO I better quit. I am not worth it!". WRONG! They fail...as Michael Jordan said " I failed over and over again and that's why I succeeded". Failure is the preparation for success. You should first learn how to lose in order to gain. It is said that your hands should be empty, so you can fill them with something better. That is what failure does. It teaches you! It robbs your ego, it trains your mind, your motivation and determination. Only when you've endured everything, only after you have learned your lessons comes the time for achievement...or even triumph.

When failure comes, fear and self doubt conquer your mind. But see, nobody is perfect and nobody recieves something worth it without paying its price! Some of the most successful people on Earth were not sparkling with talent and intelligence. They weren't more gifted than an ordinary person, but they had one thing in common that the ordinary lacked- the burning desire. The desire to achieve. The desire to follow your heart no matter what the circumstances. The desire that burnt all obstacles and led to success!

No day is like today! Forget about past disappointment. Get rid of your doubt and fears and grab your motivation and desire. Work hard and convince yourself you are worthy! Believe! Don't let anything or anybody discourage you! Because as Steve Jobs once said "your heart and intuition somehow already know what you truely want to become". And desire is never born without the strength to achieve it. So if you want it bad enough...someday you will get it. Just hang on there. Fall...but then rise again!

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