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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is meat really that evil?

A couple days ago I went to Brussels for a seminar about PR&Lobbying. I found it really interesting. We discussed different themes and one of them wass obesity and food labeling and what techniques we could use to lobby on that topic. We talked about missleading advertisments and claims about food nutrition. For example in Bulgaria there is a commercial that claims "that mayonez is healthy and high in fiber"??? Who came up with that idea? And how in the world did they approve it?

There are researches showing that more than 70% of the population is trying to make better food choices and have the desire to do it, but the thing is that media controlls their choices. What happens is that people basically want to eat better, and they think they are doing it,besides they are missing the fact that they are getting the wrong information! I am sick of hearing about chocolate bars that make kids grow healthy, about juices that contain tons of vitamins( and in reality they contain only tons of sugar...maybe they forgot to put the vitamins when they produced them ;) ).

Talking about the perception about healthy eating there was one of the participants in the seminar that asked me how come I was eating meat if I claimed healthy eating is my passion... I am tired of hearing people that talk about meat and the evil things it does!!! How do you think our ancestors made it out alive hunting and eating lots of meat? Back then there were no media, no information about nutrition, no science that convinced people what was right for their body and what was wrong! All that people had to rely on was their inner instincts...

And you know what?!. Instincts NEVER lie! Your body knows better what it needs! The problem is that we are totally neglecting its signals and try to control it! The truth is that the closest to being in control we will ever be is in that moment that we realize we're not!

Fueling your body according to the "fashions" in the diet world does no better than fashion in the modeling world does to your closet- a total mess! If meat ain't healthy, then maybe we are meant to be herbivores! But are we? Actual herbivores have special organs designated for breaking down cellulose – multi-compartmental stomachs, for example. We have but one, and it absolutely can not break down cellulose to any significant degree. People's stomachs are not designed to handle all that fiber!

Some will say that there are tons of researches that correlate meat with a bunch of diseases! But since when correlation is equivalent to the cause of a disease? I bet that most of the people that were involved in those experiments had a diet that included tons of soda,fried food, foods rich in high fructose corn syrup and so on. And you say meat is the problem?

People were designed to eat meat! It fuels our cells, our brains, and it builds our musculature. We designed tools to assist us in the procuring and processing of meat, and we still get that instinctual, savage urge to consume it. Meat tastes good. It provides essential nutrients and vitamins. And contrary to popular belief meat and meat alone is not responsible for cancer, heart disease, and everything else it is "accused" of doing. Meat when properly sourced, is a crucial element in the human diet. Despite the specious arguments about saturated fat and frugivores and murder, we know that meat is a good, healthy thing for everybody. And in the end, you’ve got to look out for your health and personal well-being. To do so rely more on your instinct not on the diet fashions!

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