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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eating vs Starving

I was surfing in the internet when I found the pictures below. I find them to be really meaningful.

I think the pictures say it all! You know how when you are hungry and you go to the shop everything looks delicious. You are bifurcated between all the choices you have. And since it is really hard to just pick one, you get all of them( and usually you pick the most unhealthy once).

When you go to the shop and you are not straving you will make smarter food choices and you won't crave all the junk food that is out there.

It is the same with diets. If your diet resembles more photosyntheses, i.e. you are hardly eating...you are most likely to endure this for a couple days and then you will eat as much food as you can get.

But if you are eating a well balanced diet, that leaves you full and satisfied, and provides you all the nutrition your body needs, I can assure you that crappy food won't be a temptation anymore.

So instead of spending your life thinking about food, starving yourself to death and then overating just change your mindset! Change your diet! Get a TRUE healthy one. Start eating! Make better food choices and just enjoy it!

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