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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts become actions

"We become, have and attract what we think about and act upon correctly the most." John Assaraf

I read an article by Josh Lifrak,that I found interesting!He is a mental conditioning coach.What he said in his article is how he keeps a large blue button in his office. On the top of the button, it clearly states in bold lettering “DON’T PUSH.” The object of this button is to avoid placing your hand on it and depressing it.

When placed in clear view most of the athletes that came into his office stared at it and during conversation. Some picked it up and hold it consumed by its presence. Some had zero will power and just slapped it defiantly. Practically all the athletes struggled with the very clear direction of DON’T PUSH. They become obsessive about the button!

I thought how much this simple story applies in our lives. When we are involved in some action, more often than not we are concentrating on the things we SHOULDN'T do!We let fear of failure controll our minds! And you know how it is sad that:

...your thoughts become your words
...your words become your actions.
...your actions become your habits.
...your habits become your character.
...your character becomes your destiny.

That means that by letting the thought of "Don't push the button";"Don't make a fall start";"Don't mess up"...actually transforms right into reality. And you end up where you were most afraid of being!

So instead of constantly telling ourselves what not to do we could actually tell ourselves what to do! Like "Stay away from that button";"Make sure to start on time";"Do your work the right way", and so on.

Actually here comes the role of the Law of Attraction which teaches you that you must consciously choose your thoughts to manifest what you desire into your life.
We must monitor our thoughts and take the action required to get us where we want to be.

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