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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you!

I truely believe that it is in your darkest days and moments when you could experience some of the greatest things in life. It has happened to me before, happened today and hope it will happen in the future.

I do not trust too many people, actually I trust just two, three people at the most. Those are the people I could say anything, I do not always do it but I know if I feel like it they are gonna be there for me.

I really feel so blessed that I met them and that they are part of my life...and today one of them made my life soooooo beautiful! He kind of always makes life look like a piece of cake. With him by my side I feel like nothing could hurt me and like I can face everything.

I just wanted to say how greateful I am for the comfort he gives me on difficult days, for the smiles he brings when sadness intrudes, the hugs when spirits sag, the faith so I can believe, the confidence when I doubt, the courage to be myself, that he LISTENS to me when I am SILENT...and just the fact that he makes my life so complete...

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