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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't waste reality!

I once read that faith is not daring regarding of the evidence but daring regarding of the consecuence! I found that pretty deep and meaningful, and I guess that is how I always do it in my life. I have pretty strong faith in the way I want things to be. I believe that no matter where you are standing you have a pretty good chance on makiing it where you want to be, only if you have patience,work hard,and use your faith to guide you in the dark!

But there is that tiny moment to know when to stop. You should change the things when you can and accept it when you can't. ANd you should master yourslef to make the difference between both! And let me tell you that it is a long road, full of tons of mistakes till you become able to find the difference!

Most of us waste our lives wasting our reality for an illusion. And that is a big mistake! There is nothing wrong with dreaming but make sure you are living the moment now and not somewhere in the future or somewhere you were never meant to be. reality is living where you are and accepting the way things are and illusion is living where you wished you were and refusing to accept the way things are! Illusion is neglecting the evidence,knowing the consecuences, seeing it is impossible and still doing it just because you are too stubborn to aceept the fact that life does not always go the way we want it!

But what you can't realize is that by chasing the illusion you are blind for the present. And the present might hide everything you need...if you just had the time to live in reality!

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