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Sunday, February 20, 2011

No excuses!

Since yesterday I am in Brussels for a seminar. I will be staying here till Tuesday. SO that makes it four days in a foreign country, far from my home and my daily schedule. And as I said before the most important thing of my day are sports and nutrition. I hardly ever skip a practice. Even when I am sick I make sure to go to the gym and exercise. I should be stuck to my bad, having no force to get out of it in order to miss my practice.

A lot of people use traveling as an excuse for skipping workouts and eating junk. Did I do it too? OF COURSE NOT! What I did was:

1)First I checked the hotel that they reserved for me from the seminar. I found out there was no fridge! Problem number one! Solution found!

2)I checked the forecast for the next week in Brussels. I found out it was gonna be pretty cold, so that meant I could take healthy food from Bulgaria and keep it on the balcony(which I found out was missing haha so I keep it on the outside of my window).

3) I cooked my stakes, my fish and packed them in boxes!

4) I prayed there is not gonna be problems at the airport. And fortunately everything was just fine, so when I got to Brussels and got my luggage, my fuel(my food) for the seminar was there with me.

5) I went to the shop and bought lots of vegetables,fruits and water. You would think couldn't you buy your meat and fish there too. Yes, I certaintly could have done it, but I do not have much time, and I do not have anywhere to cook, so I had to buy some packed food, and I hate the thought of being left without healthy food!

6) I am enjoying my steaks and my fish.

So everything with the food is just fine...what about workouts. Well when you think about a person that goes to a foreign country with half of my bag full of food would you expect me to skip workouts? Sure I do not!

I just wake up earlier before the seminar starts. I put on my workout clothes. Then I think for a WOD(workout of the day) I could possibly do in my room, that is not more than 3square meters, and I get to work. For example today I did:

50burpees,100air squats,30 V-ups.
40burpees,80air squats,30 V-ups
30burpees,60air squats,30 V-ups
20burpees,40air squats,30 V-ups
10burpees,20air squats,30 V-ups

It wasn't a hell of a practice but it is still something to keep me pumped up! ;)
Next two days I am gonna make some more WODs and make sure I have a good workout!
So there are NO EXCUSES for eating junk food and being lazy! Like anything in life if you find it important you will think for a way to squeeze it in your schedule!

By the way I found a pretty interesting article on a similar topic. It has to ddo with mothers that are always makeing excuses for practices. I encourage them to read the next article,hopefully it will inspire them and make them move!

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