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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food matters

I just watched the movie "Food matters". I recommend everybody watches that movie! There is so much truth in it. It makes you think over so many things that are so obvious but most of us are so stuck with the stereotypes that we do not pay attention to them.
Particularly the movie is a propaganda about healthy eating and how with the right food you could provide yourself an excellent health- almost all diseases are due to wrong eating habits. Another point in the movie is about medicine and the pills, and how all that is pretty much commercialism. All those pills are just poisoning your body and they actually do not cure the reason of the illness but just its symptoms- and when you are trying to heal yourself you should heal your whole body not just parts of it.

Human's body is a pretty complicated structure and there are a lot of chemical processes going on in it, and they are particularly all connected. When one of them goes wrong all of them do!

Besides most of the food we consume nowadays is not healthy due to the pollution. Today the artificial fertilizers consist out of three minerals and soil needs 52of them...so you see that soil nowadays is not rich of minerals which leads to a lot of problems when growing crops. And when you add pollution it becomes even worse. So the food we eat does not contain essential nutrition thus it does not provide our body the elements needed to function the right way.

When food like that goes in our body it recognizes it as a threat and that makes the white blood cells to activate and treat the food as poison. That makes our immune system weaker and when there is an actual threat about the body it is not as strong as supposed to fight it. So we think we provide our body the fuel it needs to function normally but particularly we are poisoning it. That is why most of us feel tired and not productive most of the time. Remember that you are what you eat! When you eat poison you are going to feel like you are poisoned.

Today it seems more like all big pharmacological companies have become big machine for money and all they care about is how to get more money. The health of humanity is left way behind... Doctors work not to make you haelthier but to earn more money... "1/3 of what you eat keeps you alive and 2/3 of what you eat keeps your doctor alive!"Most pills that are prescribed have way too many side effects that cause hundred thousand people die every year... and vitamins...there are not more than 10-20 people dying from them every year.... so you say it is better to take pills instead of take your vitamins? ... well that is way too wrong!

It is funny how our society is ready to waste so much money for doctors, pills and material stuff(cars,houses and so on), instead of giving them for good healthy food. It is so strange how today there are so many technologies and people know so much about health and diseases but we are getting sicker every day. New diseases pop out every single day and they are threatening society!

And in the past people did not get to know that much about health, and body and diseases and contemporary methods to cure them fast and "safely" but they seemed to much healthier and happier. Just think about your great grandma that is probably 95years old and is healthier than most people your age. Probably she lives in some calm and nice village, grows her own food and have some cows and goats that give her good and healthy food. ANd you probably think you are so much luckier than her to live in a society where you have all these technologies and so on... but is it really that way? Do you really care about the material things you have when you do not have the thing most needed to use all that possessions- YOUR HEALTH????

One of my mom's best friends is a doctor. She is known as one of the best in the country but tell you the truth sometimes when we chat about food and stuff I really can't imagine that this is the person that will take care of my health if I need it. Most doctors do not know anything about healthy eating and vitamins... they put these things on the backstage and do not count them as something that is essential to your health...and is that right? Well it isn't! Food is the best medicine and the best medicine is food! Your body is a really "smart" machine and it can teak ea pretty good care of itself if you just let it do it! SO next time instead of taking a handful of pills, go and give your money for some REAL food that won't poison your body and that will give you the fuel needed!

I hope more people will start caring about their health and start reading more about food and vitamins and the positive effects they have on us!

So in case you read this... go and download the movie and I assure you you won't be sorry for the time you spend watching it! Instead there will be one more person on earth that will be educated!

And as a conclusion-you do not need doctors because YOU ARE YOUR BEST DOCTOR!

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