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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why fats are better than carbs

I am really keen on nutrition, and I spend a lot of time reading about it from different resources. Eventhough I know a lot about it, I can easily get confused by all the inconsistency and differences in theories out there. Some preach eat high-carb diets, others preach high-protein...high-fat, low-fat and so on. If you do not believe me that it is that hard to find out which one is good for you, just by reading...try it yourself. Pick up a diet and start reading about it. You will find tons of information and reasearches backing it up and as much inoformation that claims it to be unhealthy.

I am pretty much convinced that just by reading and trusting some health guru, you couldn't pick the right nutritional plan. I know it from experience, and I'd reccomend you try and find out which one works best for you. But from my experience( and I've tried all the high-something and low-something diets), the best one is the high fat diet, with your fats coming from meat,nuts, coconut oil, olives, fish, egss, avocado and so on; your carbs coming from some fruit and lot's of different vegetables and the protein...just eat your meat and eggs :).

Because I do not want it to sound bareness I will back up my theory. I am not the best at explaining something with biologycal terms, though I understand it for myself...so I will make it easier. I found an article that sums up everything and provides it in a simple way so it could be understood by everybody. Here it is.

I will just add up something to all that, by saying to everybody that thinks carbs are vital for our survival...Let's go back to our ancestors and think about how they lived. Because our evolution is due to their way of living. They had to go long periods without food, followed by some feasts. DUring the time of starvation our body needed a way to provide the essntial body parts with the needed nutrition. So it developed mechanisms to cope with the different circumstances. The liver, the main back-up glycogen;glucose storage can only store about 100 grams of glycogen. Less than a day’s worth. Your muscles can only hold another 350-500 grams and that glycogen isn’t even available to provide fuel for the brain. Meanwhile, we have a virtually unlimited storage capacity for fat-about 100,000 grams or close to a million calories . The reason glycogen storage wasn’t necessary is because, between our copious fat storage capability, easy access to fats as fuel, gluconeogenesis and ketones, we just didn’t need much. Evolution tends not to reward structures or functions that take up unnecessary space or waste energy.

Also let's make it simple and think why do we tend to get ona diet? Because we store the excess calories we eat as fat. Why do we store them as fat? Because that is what the body keeps,so in case you made it endure long periods without food, it will make sure that it will have enough fuel to provide in order to survive.


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