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Friday, June 17, 2011

When in doubt... ask your heart

Ever had something you felt you wanted to do? Experienced the erge to neglect all your doubts, fears and uncertainty...and just go ahead and do it?....and then suddenly feel a slap and get back to the so called "reality" where people rarely believe in the beauty of their dreams? Where people let obstacles discourage them? Where people prefer to stay in their comfort zone and spend their life just existing, because they are way too scared to experience the unknown? Where others try to belittle your ambitions and thus forcing you to stay caged behind the walls of your own doubts...

The pursuit of social approvement and commitment play a huge role when making a decision. It is in our nature to strive to believe in the correctness of our choice, after we've already made one.Actually in order to keep our thoughts and convictions in harmony with our actions or decisions, all of us tend to cheat on ourselves from time to time. There isn't a trick, that a man wouldn't use just to avoid the efforts of thinking. What makes us "cheat" are the terribly clear and purpously avoided answers that thinking would provide. There are things in life that overwhelm us and we'd much rather just not know them! ANd that is exactly what the common people do...they stay in their comfort zone, never daring the unknown, just because they suppose that what is yet to come might be overwhelming. Exactly these are the people that usually tend to try discouraging those that want to achieve something, that are not scared to take cances, fail, then stand up again and some day hopefully succeed.

If you have big dreams, chances are that you are mostly discouraged by others, than encouraged. But does this mean you should quit on what you truely believe in your heart you were meant to be? If the people from your community keep putting you down and convincing you, that your dreamed future can't be. If their oppinions start deafening your inner voice. Just step away for a second...and listen to yourself. Listen to your inner voice hidden deep in your heart. By definition this is the place where you can not delude yourself. This is the place where none of your doubts, fears, public opinions or rational thoughts can reach! That is the place where you know the truth, either you admit it or not, either you hear it or not because of the "noise", that your uncertainty and discouraging environment produce.

I suspect that what comes deep from your heart are the real and genuine feelings. And there isn't a thing that could be stronger than the pure desire, coming from within! So instead of give in to other's people opinion, and the way they think your life should be...go ahead and be deaf about their discouraging words and listen better to your heart!

I just remembered a story that goes this way:

Once upon a time there was a race of frogs. The goal was to reach the top of a high tower. Many people gathered to see and support them. And the race began. In reality, the people didn't believe that it was possible that the frogs would reach the top of the tower, and all the phrases that one could hear were of this kind:

"What pain!!! . They'll never make it!"

The frogs began to doubt themselves.

The people continued: "... What pain!!! They'll never make it! ..."

And the frogs, one by one, admitted defeat, except for one frog that continued to climb.

At the end he, alone, and with and enormous effort, reached the top of the tower.

One of the quitters approached him to ask him how he had done it, to finish the race.

And discovered that he….was deaf!

So never listen to people who have the bad habit of being negative!...the only thing they can do is steal the best aspirations of your heart! And why letting them do it...when fullfilling our heart's desires is the best way to make sure we lived a life that was worth it!

Below are some pics from todays workout:

The group practice was:
100m run
30sledgehammer hits on the tire
200m run
30 walking lunges
300m run
30 thruster push ups
400m run
30 jumps on 25'' box
300m run
200m run
100m run

And here is a video of part of my workout:

I did 5rounds:
tire flip with a jump in and out of the tire(about 20m)
10sledgehammer hits
tire carrying(20m)
tire dragging
10sledgehammer hits
tire pushing


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