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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diet without deadline

The other day I was at the grocery store. I was waiting in line, when a lady behind me asked me if I was an athlete. I smiled back and affirmed I was. The lady was about 40years old and a little overweight. While we were waiting she felt like chatting with me and told me how much she wanted to be in shape. She threw a compliment and told me I had a stunning body. She was holding a fruit yogurt and some "DIET" dessert. I myself had a couple cartons with eggs, some pork stakes and tons of veggetables. 

She was staring at my groceries, and said that she wished she could eat as much as me and still look good, but everything that she ate looked to go on her butt and her belly...so she was cursed to be on a diet. The lady told me about how a "specialist" explained her how she was supposed to eat, she knew everything but it was still hard to follow the diet. She went further saying,  "Thanks God I have two more weeks till the end of the diet and then I will be able to eat everything!". 

First of all...no wonder it was hard following the diet. I would find it hard too, if I stuffed myself with yogurt with added sugar, and diet desserts that make my body suffer just by the thought of eating them! Next...I totally "LOVE" diets with deadline. Those are my favorite! I've done that too and it seemed like I never got to finish my diet and sclupt my body before the deadline came...so it was something like a deadline after deadline, always failing to get the results I STARVED so hard for.

I am not right sure what is supposed to happen or actually how it is supposed to happen, but people should understand first that diets have no deadlines. Diets are actually a lifestyle, and the word itself is not a bad word and not something to be ashamed of. Diet just means an eating plan. So first step towards achieving your goals is to get to know more about the food you fuel your body with!Make sure you find an eating plan that will fit you and your needs. And take caution that this diet is not supposed to be the one that works for your neighbour, your friend or some celebrity! It is the one that works for you and just you!

Make sure you will eat some REAL food! And by real I do not mean the one that circulates through the latest commercials;the one that is being advertised by skinny girls, praising the food that made their life better...none of that is real food. Actually what you are supposed to eat are all these foods that never get aired in the commercials-start from the nice, delicious red meat, the tasty, colorful vegetables;juicy real fruits; eggs; fish;raw nuts and so on. Just make sure that your eating plan includes all the listed above foods and I assure you that you won't find it hard to follow. You won't find yourself feeling deprived and miserable with your life.

After starting to eat the real food, start eating as much as you need. Not as much as somebody says you wree supposed to. Throw away all the calculators, and stop estimating these calories. Your body knows better what you need. You know better how you feel. The calculator just estimates some numbers. Do you think that your body is so simple?Do you think it functions this way? Just a quick equation of calories in vs calories out? I bet that scientists wished it was so simple! There is so much more to it. There are so many things that influence the way you feel, the way you look and the speed of your metabolism. It is a complex of what happens inside of you and what influences you from the environment around you!

Some factors you can influence...others you can't! You just have to make sure you make the optimal efforts to fuel your body the right way, so it will be strong and prepared to face the difficulties and cope with the stress that your environment will bring!


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