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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's YOUR dream...it's YOUR life!

“The people that have success have wrapped themselves around the how and why of success.” — Greg Glassman

Everybody has a dream! But few of us atcually strive to follow that dream! Most fear trying to achieve it...too scared they will fail, or maybe afraid they might actually succeed!

I have a dream too! ACtually I have more than one but there is that dream that I am really focused on! I dream of becoming a really good personal trainer, being able to help people achieve their goals, helping people change their lives. Encouraging them when they feel down, giving them motivation when they feel the lack of it. Giving them a support when everybody else in their life seems to neglect them. To me personal training is not just the exercise part! It gives you a chance to help people reach not only their athletic goals but you actually get the opportunity to help them change their life! I've said a hundred times how workouts resemble life. How the determination,motivation and desire you need to finish a workout, are qualities you need to succeed in life!

Most people in my life are totally against my dream! They find it stupid and not a way to earn a living. They think it is a waste of time and constantly tell me that I should change my priorities and get busy with something more important! Well I study Marketing...I kind of see both sides of the coin. But I am so convinced about what I want to do. I've always wanted to work something that will let me receive not only the material but also the spiritual...and to me personal training is THE THING!

Sometimes the rude words some of my family members and some of my friends say about my workouts and my goals put me down. it hurts when the closest people to you do not support you and constantly try to discourage you! But deep inside I am so sure in the rightness of what I do that nothing is gonna change the way I see my life! The way I dream my life to be!

The thing is that you should have a dream and actually chase it no matter what others say! No matter if it looks good to them or not! If it feels right in your heart, if it is something that gives you happiness and fullfilment, then go for it! Don't let others opinion direct your life!
It all sounds stupid and sappy but it’s the flippin truth. Some people will call it cheesy. Good. Let them do the talking. They’ll be the ones watching from the shore as you sail off. Wave good-bye to those not willing to share your dreams. Wrap yourself around the how and why of success. Set your course. Don’t worry about the destination, just keep your eye on the sea and a steady hand on the helm. And pick up every swimmer who’s willing to work with you . . .

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