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Friday, March 25, 2011

The best advice I ever received...

A couple months ago I bought a book by Donald Trump:The way to the top . I am not a huge fan of him, and I am not gonna lie, but I did not like the book. The book second title is "The best business advice I ever received". So even though I did not like the way the book was written, it got me thinking about the best advice I have received in my life so far...

And there it pops up in my mind! An advice my dad gave me a couple years ago. I am a pretty naive person, and probably as you may guess I get disappointed by people more often than not. So it was that period of my life that I lost something I loved, and something I thought was my life. The thing was that I not only lost it but people I considered friends, people I admired left me...you know how it is-when you are at the top everybody loves you and wants to be part of your life, but when you are on the bottom it is most likely that all these people will throw some more dirt on you and dig you deeper. So that is pretty much what happened to me.

I remember that night I was crying and my dad came to me and asked me why it was so hard for me to get over it. I explained him and told him I was disappointed with people and that I am never gonna trust anybody again. I told him that I will become a cold hearted person and I will be just like the people that hurt me!...I remember his smile and the words that followed..."You should be more careful with who you'll trust, but you should keep the faith in people because if you don't you risk to miss some really worthy people in your life!"

So I think that so far that is the best thing I have learned. I really found out that people will disappoint you. They will hurt you and push you down. But it is only gonna make you stronger. It is just gonna help you find out when you meet those that are worth your attention! The once that leave will make it easier for you to distinguish those that should be part of your life...the once that will help you go through the journey-the journey of life!

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