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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My daily dose of inspiration

"Without inspiration the best powers of our mind become dormant.There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."- Johann Herder

A couple years ago when I got injured and I stopped playing basketball, it felt like I lost my path! I was constantly struggling to find my way back! I felt like a drunk man trying to find his way home...always staggering from one side to the other, hopelessly trying to get there...and actually never succeeding unless somebody helps him...

Well, if we accept I was that drunk man, I found a helping hand in the face of inspiration. I started reading tons of stories and books about people that had a dream, a true vision of how they wanted their lives to be...the kind of dream that was unbreakable even in front of the great obstacles that were confronting them. I read about people that did not let current situations and misfortunes to rule their lives, but instead they ruled the situation! That is what got me going...and for sure it was not a one night change...the inspiration I got from these stories lighted the spark in my heart...then it was gone out, and I needed some more inspiration...until after continuous repetition of lightening the spark and extinguishing it...I reached the point where my heart was set on fire again...

And since then I try to keep it burning and not let it go out again... So today I was searching for my daily dose of inspiration and that is what I found:

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