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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stay positive...

I get to meet a lot of people every day. All of them are different but most of them have one thing in common-their outlook on life. And guess what! Mine ain't the same! :)

I am tired of hearing how I am supposed to enjoy my college years and get drunk every night(guess that is supposed to be fun...too bad I do not drink;) and just have fun NOW because later on life is gonna suck pretty bad. But come on! Are they serious? How is everybody supposed to be so pesimistic? Why everybody is so tired of living? Why is everybody spending their life waiting for its end?

I see life in a different light. Yea it might be hard sometimes, but after all that is what makes it interesting and worth it. That is what makes you fall and grow. That is what makes you weak and stronger.

I think most people hate life so much just because they do not live it the way they want. They live it the easier way-just do something and wait to die...they seem to adopt the pesimistic outlook on life since early age and live with these beliefs throughout their whole life....and that is where the problem comes from...You must plant flowers in the garden of your mind or you will be forever pulling weeds!

So I am not gonna talk about the way others see life I am gonna talk about the way I see it. First of all- I totally love life and enjoy it. And NO my life ain't free of sorrow, failour,betrayal and etc. But if I haven't gone through all of it, I wouldn't have been the person I am today. I think that when you overcome the bad things that life gives you, you get much stronger and you start having a positive outlook on life, because you are less likely to freak out for little stuff others freak out for. You are more likely to understand that
after every dark night there is a day

So what do I expect out of my life? I expect living it to the foolest from the beginning to the end. I expect studying and working hard NOW in order to have the job I dream for later. I see tons of people just working something because they are supposed to. And that is why most people are so sad and depressed. After all you spend most of your life at your workplace. If you do ot enjoy it how do expect life to be fun? So that is my number one goal-to have the job I dream about! No matter what is the cost of it...I promise you that is what I am gonna do to the end of my life! :)

Next... I guess someday I am gonna have a husband and kids...I am not that kind of girl that wakes up with the thought of getting merried and wearing a big white dress... but I guess that is just part of life. So I do not think too much about it, but there is one thing I know for sure! I do not ever want to use my family and my kids for an excuse for my failure or my sad life! I see a lot of women that blame everything on their children-the way they look, the lack of time, the lack of goals and prosperity...well I think that is totally wrong!

I think that you should first be happy with yourself and the things you do, and after that you could possibly make people around you happy. And don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong to devote to your kids and family but that does not mean loosing your identity, your dreams,goals,life... The key to life is balance...

And I know it is so hard to find balance...I am costantly struggling with that :) But it is for sure worth trying! :)

Next...I hope I will learn as much as I can out of every mistake I make, I will get stronger after every hit I take, I will never let others plant seeds of self doubt in myself and the things and people I love and I believe in. I hope I will enjoy every opportunity I have to try something new and something different. I hope I will encounter things that are gonna challenge me,my beliefs and my abilities...things that will make me grow,make me smarter and build on my outlook on life.And most of all I hope I am never gonna break down to the obstacles I face in life, I hope that after years I am not gonna be one of those pesimistic people, tired of living, I hope I am always gonna see the light when darkness falls!....and remember that the way you see life will largely determine what you get out of it!

I found that video, and I think it is really touching and inspiring so go ahead and watch it...

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