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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't judje yourself through someone else's eyes

 Every now and then everybody has some doubts about himself/herself and the things he/she does. It can be a pretty difficult moment. What could make it worse is if the people that surround you instead of encouraging you, make you doubt yourself twice as much! 

It is sad when people we care for, do not approve the things we like, the life we lead and the dreams we have. That puts more pressure on wheather we are going on the right path or we should take a turn and change the direction. 

I've been thinking... they are not happy with what I am doing and what I am aiming for...but the thing is am I happy?!. If so... why would I put myself down for what other people think? Why would I doubt my dreams,my priorities, what makes me happy? Should I take their words and make a turn...and fit in their standards for living?

I am only 21years old...but I have realized one thing, and it is that no matter what, you are the only person that is gonna be with you, your whole life! Everybody else will come and go...there are just few people that are gonna stick with you and be there for you no matter how bad you screw it up, or how great you become! But YOU are the person that should be happy with yourself. You are the person that determines wheather your life is worthy or wasteful! You should follow your own heart not people's opinion.

History has seen so many that neglected their heart and their aspirations and followed the crowd... and you know what? None of them was happy. All of them struggled their whole life trying to fit in a place that was not the one for them. 

I truely believe that no matter what one's dreams are there is a friend for everybody, a leaning shoulder for everybody and a place for everybody! A place where  the people that surround you will never let you doubt yourself. A place where others will be the same as you. A place where you won't need to explain why you are you and why you like the things you do. A place where you will be accepted for the person you are!

Till you find that place I encourage you to keep believing in yourself, to keep doing what you are doing. I encourage you not to judje yourself through someone else's eyes and to never make other people's opinion your reality!