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Sunday, December 20, 2009

If he can enjoy life,why wouldn't you?

Today was the last day of the competition... tell you the truth I SUCKED... I swam terrible.. I was pretty disappointed! As always I tried to hide the disappointment but behind the wide smile I was feeling pretty bad... I left the pool and went to a park, where I had a long walk and thought a lot about everything that is going on.. than I had to go to the hospital and pick up my grandpa who just had a surgery on his leg. There in the room there were three more people and two of them just had their legs amputated... when I walked through the room and saw them I felt a little frustrated. Than one of them -a really skinny guy, with a wrinkled face- smiled so wide and said a joke... I smiled back and told him something..he was talking how when he gets out of the hospital he is gonna go fishing, he shared some other stuff he was planning to do when he gets out of there... and in case you have not understood yet-HE JUST HAD HIS LEGS AMPUTATED! ... well if that guy can smile and make plans on LIVING ... why should I get down from one bad competition or some other disappointment? I should be thankful I was there, all healthy and competing... so next time you feel down or disappointed... remember that if he can enjoy life, why wouldn't you?

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