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Friday, November 12, 2010

You will never know half of the things I will never forget..

I was reading something that got me thinking about people, the obstacles they overcome and the accomplishments they reach... walking on the sidewalk, in the mall, in the supermarket, in the office or you name it...you meet hundreds of people...you pass by them and see what they are now, but you could never guess what they used to be...and let's take it a little more personal...I am gonna talk about myself...

You see me everyday and probably you judje me for the things I do or the things I don't... you are looking at me thinking I am not good at that but I have a God givven talent for something else...but you know what? You do not know anything about me!... Do you know about those days that I will never forget? Do you know about those days I could hardly find strength to get out of bed and face another day? Do you know about those days I could hardly wait for bedtime so I could fall asleep and escape reality? Do you know about those times I was supposed to achieve something great but I tripped right before the finish? Do you know about the dreams that shattered in front of my eyes? Do you know about the stabbing pain I felt? Do you know about the hopeless days? The aimless life?The forced smiles....and hidden tears?!.

...the point I want to make is that we see people and we rush to judje them but we never know what they got through....you see somebody doing something and you mock him or her for not being the greatest...but can you see through his or her eyes? Do you know how far they walked to come to the place where they are standing now? Do you know how much strength and courage they needed to be where they are now?..You will probably never know half of the things they overcame to be the people they are today...but you know what? They deserve to be treated with dignity and appreaciation! They deserve to be valued for their achievements no matter how big they are!

You are nobody to judje people and belittle their ambitions!...truely great people treat others for what they could become but not for what they are!

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