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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts and passions after the long break from posting...

After the long break from writing I decided I am gonna start posting about my thoughts and passions again. I made one more blog…this time in my native language.
A lot of things happened the last couple months. Let’s start with my health first… It was good about two or three weeks and then things got bad again…this time even worse. I visited a lot of doctors and had a lot of exams but none showed what was the reason for my bad health-the permanent exhaustion and the pains on my right and left side of the stomach.

As you may guess my bad health reflected at my practices. The last couple months I do not practice as much as I used to. I still go to practice twice day every day, but I swim less than before and the intensity of my practices is a lot lower. I will miss the summer swimming championship too. But right now this is not the most important thing. I would be really happy if doctors find the reason behind my bad health so I can be able to cure it and get back to my life again.

During these months I went through from the top to the bottom over and over again. At times I felt like I wante dto quit on everything and everybody but there was still that light at the end of the tunnel my unbeatable hope that hardships will be just a bad memory soon and I will be back on track. I used this time to concentrate on different things. I have been reading a lot about working out and nutrition lately. I started working as a personal trainer and I am slowly getting closer to fullfilling some of my dreams.

Another thing that happened to me is that my passion about crossfit got stronger and I even attended my first crossfit practice last Sunday. I did not participate…I just watched ‘cause my health ain’t that good now…but I am thinking I will get in the crossfit battle this weekend if I feel better.

I think that everything that happened to me lately gave m e eagood lesson…and I think I truly deserved it because lately my ambitions were higher than my capability and it was right about time for something to stop me when I was obviously incapble of doing it myself. Now the time will show when I will be ready to get back up and be on track and let’s hope that this time I will do it wisely and carefully!

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