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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pay attention to your thoughts

There is one saying- "Thoughts become words, words become action, action becomes habits, habits become destiny."- that I find to be the mere truth. Yesteday I read Crystal Nelson's last blog post where I saw the video below. I think it is really well put.  One of the lecturers at a Strongman seminar in Crossfit Overload is talking about what Greg Amundson said about the pyramid that should express your steps toward sports mastery. What Greg said was that at the foundation of your pyramid is NUTRITION! It is the most important thing, if you consider reaching the top in your sports career. Next comes metcons, followed by gymnastics, weights and finally you apply it to your sport, and you are on the top of the pyramid. But if you dare to fall in the habit of eating junk, if you do not pay close attention to your nutrition, your pyramid will flal down, and all your hard work will go to waste.

Next the lecturer talks how at a bootcamp he was thinking about the nutrition pyramid and a thought popped up in his mind. Why not build this pyramid in a different perspective. Why not put thoughts and words on the bottom and build the pyramid till you reach your destiny. Just like in the other pyramid, where nutrition is the fuel to all other steps, here thoughts are the food that fuel your mind, and body. The fuel that drives your actions which transform in habits and lead you to your destiny.

Just like in the first case, if you let your nutrition slip, here if you let negative toughts overtake your mind, you risk taking the wrong road and thus ending in a destiny you wouldn't like for yourself.

So make sure you lay the right foundation on your pyramid, so you will make sure that at the end of your life, you will praise your destiny and not feel sorry for the way your life turned out to be!


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