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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Close to getting the meaning of life or not?

Living in a world where everything seems to be on high speed it seems like everybody is always running late for somewhere, trying to make up with daily tasks and just living the same old, boring rutine every single day. How sad!

I am really keen on philosophy...so as you can guess I always have some question on my mind and the most common one is "What the hell is the meaning of life?". And if you are eager waiting for me to give you the answer...let me tell you that I haven't figured it out!...I don't think that there is only one TRUE answer to this question...for me everybody has a different meaning for his life.

I guess that the meaning of life is to just live it up to the fullest, do the things your heart longs for, try as many things as you could possibly handle, trip over difficulties and then pick yourself up and rise above them. Like somebody said... on the road of life "leave no stone unturned".

I always require the maximum out of myself...and I am never pleased with the things I do. I always feel like I could have done a little more. It can be a good thing to require so much out of yourself but at times it is so exhausting-both physically and mentally. Sometimes I will just sit and have a little rest and I will feel like I am wasting my life...so one time while I got this feeling...I caught myself thinking..."Waisting your life? What in the world are you thinking?"... why do we people think that we should always do some great deeds-like saving humanity,inventing all these fancy technologies and etc... isn't life just about the journey and the happiness you feel through that journey? If you are feeling tired and you need some time for yourself, why not take it? why should you feel guilty for feeling good?

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