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Monday, August 23, 2010

Your life is your own choice

People talk everywhere how somebody I s a product of their own environment. This is always the case when someone has done something wrong, and the argument is used as an excuse for the person as if they had no choice in the matter other than to become what their environment leads them to be. But do I think that way too? Sure, I don’t!

If that was true, there are countless great people that shouldn’t have achieved what they did because their bad environment should have “eaten” them. Everything in life boils down to choice and the power to choose lies within the individual.

Some situations make the choice a lot more difficult, but the choice itself remains the same! People should always take there own responsibility for what has happened or has failed to happen to them. Once you understand it you become empowered to see that you and you alone decide your future through the choices you make. Yes, bad things will still happen. They always do! Sometimes you can not run away from them, but you always have control how you will react to them! Every time that something goes wrong, just think how blessed you are and how much worse it could be. Every time your car breaks down on the road and you have to walk a couple miles, think about the amputee that would give everything to be at your place and be able to walk those miles. Everytime you are having a hard time at work, think about the person that does not have work at all. When you are mad at your husband or wife, think about the person that would give everything to have somebody next to him and not feel so lonely. Take all the bad things that happen to you with a smile on your face and just learn from them, because they are the things that make you stronger and that make you the person you are.

It has been this attitude of believing that my choices directly impact my quality of life that has helped me to fight through adversity throughout my life. I believe that hard work leads to prosperity. Hard work is difficult and most people would rather make excuses and externalize the responsibility instead of claiming it for their own and simply owning up to the fact that their lives are substandard because they have chosen the path of least resistance and taken the easy way out. Throughout life they have always made the choices that presented the least challenge and their results are clearly indicative of this. It is so much easier to temporarily escape your problems than it is to get to work solving them. But what is true for life is that you always get what you settle for!

I have been through some shitty stuff in my life. I know what it feels like to loose a parent. I know what it is like to have all your dreams and aspirations to break down in an instant. I know what it is like to EXIST without a purpose in life. I know how it feels like to need somebody to give you a hand when you have fallen but to find that everybody is just trying to step on you. I know how it feels to feel so lonely when there are so many people around. I know what it is like to loose the love of the person you have admired your entire life.

I know what it I slike to contemplate suicide because my problems seemed so horrible, so insurmountable, that they appeared to have no discernible answers I could fathom. I’ve felt completely alone in the world with them, and the only thing I desired was for the pain to stop. I know what it’s like to feel all of this on the inside and yet walk through life presenting myself on the outside as if nothing was wrong.

And you know what? I am not saying this looking for sympathy. I am sure there are tons of people that have a life that is so much harder and that have gone through worse things. I say it to those people that think that the bad things that happen to them are the end of the world. But trust me they are not! Everything has a reason to happen the way it does! Yes, you may not see it now cause your eyes are full of tears and you can’t see clearly but in the long run you will find out that what was taken away from you was just because you will receive something better in the future!

I am grateful for all the bad things that have happened to me, because they only made me stronger. They taught me to enjoy the little things in life. To enjoy every second of my life and not taking anything for granted. And to have hope that a better tomorrow is coming when I am stuck in the dark!

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