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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's not about what you are eating.It is about what is eating you!

A couple days ago I ran into a british tv show called "Superfat vs Superskinny". I watched a couple episodes on youtube and that caught me thinking about people all over the world that are struggling with food. There are those of them that are binging and others that starve themselves to death. What makes them do it? Is it just because they find food so tasty that leads them to excessive eating or on the other hand do they find it so nasty that they refuse eating it? ...

Unfortunately in my life I have had a couple vivid examples with people suffering from bulimia,anorexia and some obese people. Some of those people ain't alive anymore... sad isn't it? What made them torture their bodies that way?

I've noticed that most people that are overweight try to fill emotional emptiness with food. They find it really comforting.It makes them feel happy. They think that the happiness they feel while eating is gonna make the saddness,disappointment and heartache disappear. But does it happen that way? No! It even makes you feel worse! After you stuff yourself with food to the point where you feel your stomach is gonna explode you start feeling guilty and fat and that makes you sadder than you actually were. There are pleanty of examples about people that experienced some hardships and turned to food as their saviour.

Let's talk a little bit about those that starve themselves to death. It all starts the same way. They meet obstacles in life, experience a couple disappointments, probably loose control over their lives...and that is when they try to find balance in life by controling food. They have lost control over everything that happens to them so why not control their food? They start eating small portions, the portions become smaller everyday. The food starts being absent in their plate but in the same time "the life" in their body is absent too. They become weaker and weaker and finally it turns out that they don't even have control over the food anymore...they are now controlled by food...

It turns out that by trying to hide emotional emptiness we tend to become food slaves...ain't it sad? Remember we are people...we are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures and we let FOOD to get the leading role in our life?

As it is said life should be lived forwards but could only be understood backwards... so next time before you stuff yourself till your stomach hurts or you think of starving yourself to death...just stop, give yourself a time and look back on your life and what makes you crave that food...find something that makes you happy, no matter if it is walking in the park,driving your car,reading the newspaper...just find what it is and do it...I guarantee you it will help the emotional pain go away faster than eating or starving will...and most important it won't make your body and mind suffer!

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